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Joy Exhibition: Painting For Aliens

A short video about Joy Exhibition a lovely little experimental game I've been playing around with this week. Apologies for repeatedly calling the game "Joy Gallery" during this video! I'd usually go back to re-record, but in this case repetition would mean replacing something spontaneous and sincere with something that more resembled a script. Besides, considering the context of the video it's almost fitting that such a gigantic misstep remains a visible part of the finished work. Still, SORRY. x

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Dungeons of Dredmor: RogueLIKE

RogueLIKE continues with a bit of a classic! Well worth a download if you've got a laptop you're taking home for Christmas and want something to do when you're inevitably expected to watch TELEVISION like some sort of bloody PROLE.

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COGWATCH #7: Duskers' Interface!

Great news, everyone! Earlier this year Rock, Paper, Shotgun commissioned Cogwatch, an in-depth analysis of individual game mechanics. Think of it like a deep dive into the narrowest of spaces. I'm really proud of series 1 of Cogwatch, and if this is your kind of thing you should totally visit it using the above link.

Today, I'm happy to be continuing Cogwatch on Cool Ghosts with RPS' permission! We kick off with fantastic early access game Duskers.  A game of falling in love with adorable robots and accidentally catapulting them into space.

Oh! And if the devil faces and candy corn icons seem a little out of place, that's just developer Tim Keenan's goofy Halloween update. Those'll be gone by the time you play it.

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UnderTale: It's Bloody Brilliant

Frankly, there's nothing else to say. Apart from all of the things Matt says in this video. No spoilers for the first few minutes, but after that the safety is off. For those who DO skip through videos willy-nilly,  a red triangle in the bottom left corner means you've veered into SpoilerTown, sweetheart.

And on that topic, be warned that we've also released the safety catch below: Anything Undertale is fair game to talk about in the discussion below, so don't read unless you're comfortable with spoilers. 

Obviously though, please keep your trousers on. Undertale eh? What a game! 

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RogueLIKE: Risk of Rain

OH BOY. It's another intermittent series! This time from Matt, who'll be occasionally leaping out from a hedge to tell you about Roguelike games that he REALLY(roguelly) LIKES, as part of an ongoing celebration of the occasionally misused but brilliant sort-of-genre.

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The Beginner's Guide

This is one of those rare times I felt compelled to make something, even though the thing my heart was telling me to make was strange. It won't speak to everyone, but then neither will the game itself - and I'd suspect that those without patience for this video might not get a lot out of The Beginner's Guide.

I'd be fascinated to know either way, though. Please avoid the comments if you don't want anything spoiled - I'd ask people to refrain from posting anything too overt, but it's not a game that's easy to discuss in any capacity without giving an awful lot away.

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The Taken King: Does it Fix Destiny?

Hello there my name is Matt and I like playing Destiny. This is a video that I made about The Taken King, if you like it then maybe you could cut it out and stick it on your fridge. Seriously though, it's a bit of a whopper - 25 minutes of lovestruck rambling. Enjoy!

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Why you should know about Until Dawn

Good afternoon! You'll have likely heard us talking about this game during recent episodes of Daft Souls - and you'll probably hear about it again in the future! Why?! Because it's interesting. That's how this website works, yo? Get with the program Captain Gran-Daddio. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you prefer apples or terrified teenagers. 

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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

WHOOSH! What a busy week it's been! Here's one last fun thing to cap off the week -  Matt and Quinns head to space for a date, and check out Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime in the process. It seems like a pretty great co-op game, providing you're comfortable with laser beams and endless passive aggression.

Thanks to those of you who suggested we should check this out, we hope you enjoy the video!

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