Duelyst: The Best Game Ever

We're not good at this hiatus business, are we? Quinns and Matt have recently had their free time devoured by Duelyst, a free-to-play card game that's distressingly good.

Take it from Quinns! A card-carrying card-carrier. He knows his onions (though he doesn't carry onions).

The happy, clanking jazz at the beginning comes courtesy of Jeremy Warmsley.

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Something For The Weekend - 5th August 2016

Hello! Just Matt here this week, as Quinns is off exploring GenCon for Shut Up & Sit Down. As you may well have noticed over the last month or so, things have been very quiet on both websites. Sad news I'm afraid, but as and when we're able things will carry on AS IF ALMOST NORMAL - partially for the benefit of you guys, but mostly as a method of keeping me sane. For the past week I've managed little more than endlessly playing Monster Hunter Generations (my favourite new monster is "Big Bubble Boy" - pictured above). Oh boy what a fun time! I've fallen head over heels for a dual-blade aerial build; we're running away to start a new life; you can keep the kids.

Finally this week, it's worth pointing out that whilst the STUFF side of the website has stumbled into a prickly bush, the other half of what makes Cool Ghosts brill is happily continuing: The community are putting together a casual Street Fighter V tournament this weekend -  pop over here to say hello, sign up, and find out more details when they materialise.

And before I sign off one final, vital question: what are you guys playing this weekend?

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Jalopy: The Best Game Ever

Any of you lot willing to climb into Quinns' passenger seat again after his Ghost Truck video? No?

What a shame! This week he's taken a look at the superb Jalopy. This is an early access game developed by Greg Pryjmachuk, a designer with the esteemed credentials of working on the Formula 1 franchise of racing games. Why did he swap the champagne and breakneck speeds of F1 for cigarettes and two-stroke engines? Quinns is very excited to explain why this is better, and even more beautiful.

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Daft Souls 86: INSIDE, Pokemon GO

This time on Daft Souls we're joined by the excellent Keza Macdonald to talk about INSIDE and Pokemon Go. No spoilers about the former until the very end of the podcast, at which point a clear SPOILER-ZONE is flagged. Also this week we have a brand new podcast setup, which we now frustratingly won't be using again for a while. Sorry to be such a tease, we're awful!

If you enjoy the show,  iTunes reviews are always lovely. Want to ask a question, or vote for which questions should get answered next? Head over here!

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INSIDE: The Best Game Ever

A short video this week from Matt, who loosely compares the design of INSIDE to Half Life 2.  Please note that this video is completely spoiler-free: I've been very careful to cherry-pick footage that contains anything of note - any scenes shown with specifics are from the first few minutes of the game. I'd ask that people take the same care in the comments below - if you'd like to chat about spoilery stuff, I've made a special thread over on the SU&SD forums!

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Something For The Weekend - 8th July 2016

I've uncharacteristically got a bit of free time this weekend, so I'm confident I’ll be able to finish INSIDE. Despite the critical acclaim I approached it sceptically: Limbo sent a lot of people loco at the time, but other than that bit with the terrifying spider I largely found it to be good rather than great. Seems like they've really nailed the style/substance ratio this time, and my word is this game a stylish game - trailers don't nearly do it justice, as video compression on sites like YouTube take away so much of the subtle, exact toning that makes the stark environments pop into life. It's bringing up a whole bunch of feelings that I haven't felt since playing Half Life 2. Gosh, basically.

I've got INSIDE (all caps! crikey) downloaded and ready to go too, but I'm actually having real trouble tearing myself away from XCOM 2. You guys might recall my apocalyptic grumpiness when that game first came out, but I'm thrilled to say that playing it now, with no less and two-dozen recommended mods and all of the DLC, it's finally a phenomenal piece of work. I've also been eyeing up Street Fighter V again, which has just enjoyed the addition of two more characters. Contender Season 2, anybody?

And what have you lot got planned for the weekend?

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Dark Souls III: Pants Man

I promise this is the last time for quite a while that you'll pop over to Cool Ghosts to see a picture of a naked man with a bag on his head, but this is just a final plug for last week's charity stream. It's up on YouTube in three chunks, clicking the image above will begin the playlist. It's a long old thing, but we had a blast doing it and have almost raised £15,000.

Thanks so much for watching and donating - let us know which moment you enjoyed the most, and if you were one of the fine people sharing art in the stream, please do post a bit of it below!

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Something For The Weekend: 24th June 2016


Apologies for using a photo of Britain for the header image this week instead of art from a fun videogame, but it's been a bit of a tumultuous week. After our nation decided to crash the economy so that Boris Johnson could have a cool job, it's been a bit difficult to think about games. It's also been difficult to play any games, as the magic box in my building that does electricity exploded last night. (EXPLOSIONS!)

I spent last night eating melting lemon sorbet by the light of a candle, and awoke to find Britain covered in poo in a flat with no electricity or hot water. Honestly, I can't gripe - it's impeccably thematic. Importantly though, life continues! Tomorrow me and Chris Bratt will be live-streaming Dark Souls III: Pants Man from the Eurogamer offices, because they have electricity and are lovely people. If you'd like to donate to our charity event you can do so here, and if you're near London and fancy watching it with other people - go to Stratford's Loading Bar. 10% of the bar spend will go to charity, so if you're in the mood to drink drinks and peopleize with people - which is wholly understandable - it's a pretty good place to do it. Finally, I adore the fact that a local newspaper has taken my claim of playing Dark Souls till I'm exhausted as a literal, quotable fact. Small pleasures.

JOY. In other news of fiction becoming reality, I am enacting the joke at the end of our Subnautica video and playing still more of the current build instead of waiting for them to finish the darn thing. I’m in love. And speaking of love (and sex, and sex work) I’m absolutely loving the commercial release of VA-11 Hall-A. It keeps making me laugh, making me think and I can’t wait to squeal about it on the next Daft Souls. It’s also available on Steam, but buying it on itch.io will give the devs a little bit more of your cash.

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Subnautica: The Best Game Ever

This week on Cool Ghosts Matt and Quinns take a deep dive into a world where everything is apparently wetter and/or better. Subnautica! What a treat. We've specifically only used footage from the early bits of the game, because the stuff that pops up later is frankly a bit stunning. If you're sold on the basis of this video already, avoid reckless googles or even watching the official trailers. Surprises ahoy, captain.

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Dark Souls Pants Man III - IT'S CHARITY TIME

This weekend myself and Mr Chris Bratt are continuing the now ANCIENT TRADITION of playing Dark Souls with a character who is only wearing pants. This is a video talking about what we're aiming to raise money for this year, and why. You can donate to the Just Giving page here, or text "PNTS64 £X" (where X is the amount) to 70070. 

We'll be starting at 10am on Saturday, and continuing until we can no longer hack it. The stream will be broadcast initially on Twitch, and then uploaded to YouTube afterwards. Enjoy, thank you, and we hope to see you on Saturday!


Please note that for the early section of the video stream we had the wrong text message number on-screen. it is 70070, not 70700. Apologies for the confusion!

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