Daft Souls 88: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Gravity Rush 2, Nels Anderson


Daft Souls returns for 2017, with some shiny new features! We haven't re-invented the horse, but we've tried to mix things up: each episode will now feature one game developer answering five questions we've carefully chosen. First up is Nels Anderson, lead designer of Mark of the Ninja and designer on Firewatch. You may also remember him from our Subterfuge Diaries.

in addition to us having a quick chat about a game from our youth that we've revisited. This time it was Phantasy Star Online - you can catch a video of us playing that here. Finally, some questions from you. Nothing new there - except a dangerously smooth jingle? I might end up going to jail for that one, actually. If it's possible to be jailed for jingles, that might be the one that crosses the line.

A final update that's relevant at this point: Daft Souls will now be once every two weeks, and will mostly just be myself and Quinns. Having cycling guests on the podcast was awesome, but also increasingly tricky to maintain for a number of rather dull, logistical reasons. It may not be permanent, but for now - here we go!

Myself and Quinns would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your patience, and if you do love the podcast and what we do - a review on iTunes would be ace!

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Phantasy Star Online: Don't Step on my Child(hood)

Hello there! Look look, another new thing! Don't Step on my Child(hood) is a video-thing where we go back and look to see if games we loved as children are actually any good. The thumbnail was thrown together far too quickly this morning because I overslept, but perhaps more importantly this video ties into a brief new FEATURE on the Daft Souls Podcast, which will return this THURSDAY. Set your calendar clocks!

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Hitman On The Side

Hello! So now we're back, we're experimenting a little - so from now on every time we make a highly-produced properdopper video, we'll also be recording a little side-dish of sorts, where we play about with the same game more informally and have a bit of fun. We do hope you enjoy it!

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Daft Souls 87: Duelyst, Titanfall 2, Overcooked, Thumper

Hello! Cool Ghosts is slowly whirring back into life, and we'll be kicking things off again in 2017 - perhaps at a slower pace than usual, but we're excited to be getting back into things. For now though, we thought it would be nice to squeak out an episode of Daft Souls - I'm joined by Quinns to talk about Duelyst, Overcooked, Titanfall 2, and Thumper.

Finally, thanks again for the support and patience you've shown throughout what has been a very difficult time. Things are not yet back to normal, but I'm keen to get back to making fun stuff. You're all excellent - I hope have a lovely holiday break with friends or family.

Posted on December 9, 2016 .

SS2: Episode 8 - Silence OF THE JAMS

Posted on November 8, 2016 .

SS2: Episode 8 - Traditional Swimwear Catalogue

Posted on November 7, 2016 .

SS2: Episode 7 - My PC died so I can't use Photoshop

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SS2: Episode 6 - Underground Justice

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SS2: Episode 5 - Snap, Crackle, and Panic

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SS2: Episode 4 - Pop a Worf Out, Please

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SS2: Episode 2 - Lost & Frowned

Posted on November 1, 2016 .

Bloodborne: Old Hunter Diaries (Part 4)

HIATUS-BREAKIN' UPDATIN' AND VIBRATIN'! OK so there's no vibration I was wholly lying about that bit. But Matt has finally finished his Bloodborne Diaries - this final episode ends up talking quite a bit about the plot implications of The Old Hunter's last boss, so spoilers, obviously. WHAT A GAME. Enjoy!

Posted on September 15, 2016 .

Duelyst: The Best Game Ever

We're not good at this hiatus business, are we? Quinns and Matt have recently had their free time devoured by Duelyst, a free-to-play card game that's distressingly good.

Take it from Quinns! A card-carrying card-carrier. He knows his onions (though he doesn't carry onions).

The happy, clanking jazz at the beginning comes courtesy of Jeremy Warmsley.

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