Stories Untold: The Best Game Ever

The 1980s are coming into your house now, please be ready. Quinns is up with Stories Untold - a game that he wants to tell you about whilst largely not showing it.

Posted on April 11, 2017 .

Daft Souls 91: Nier Automata, It Came From The Desert

We have to tell you about ROBOTS, and also GIANT ANTS ARE COMING TO KILL US ALL YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE US PLEASE. Also: Thanks for listening! We should have 5 questions with a developer for next time - it turns out it's quite hard to wrangle human voices into the correct place at the correct time. Be sure to pop back later this week for our video of us playing It Came From The Desert.

And heck, while you're here - reviews on iTunes are ALWAYS awesome. You look lovely today as well, did we mention that? It's something about your hair. Sort of floofy? Or maybe sleek? Whichever of the two you were going for, your call.

Posted on April 5, 2017 .

Dark Souls III: The Best Game Ever

This time on THE BEST GAME EVER, Matt talks about a game that he didn't even really like that much to be perfectly honest. Anything is possible: be the eagle you want to see in the world.

Posted on March 29, 2017 and filed under One Off.

Daft Souls Animated: "Regressive Ash"

Hello hello! A little treat this week - the talented James Wragg has animated a brief section of Daft Souls, and will hopefully be doing more sporadically in the future! Enjoy - and if you've any suggestions for favourite bits you'd like to see animated, do let us know.

Posted on February 16, 2017 .

Something For The Weekend: 10th Feb 2017


This week my wife came back from a visa-related sojourn in America, which means I’m finally playing Final Fantasy XV, something we agreed to do together. After all the grumbling I’d seen - on the internet, no less - I wasn’t expecting much, but we’re both loving it to pieces!

To me it feels like an expensive massage; a superb series of little touches. Every animation, piece of art design and stupid joke makes me smile. Playing it with my partner, when we both have long histories with this series, is just the cherry on the cake.

That’s fascinating, because gosh-in-a-barrel I roundly despised it. DESPISED. Anyway, after a frantic two weeks of writing and editing and filming (oh my!) this weekend I might actually make time to sit down and poke a handful of games. I’m keen to press on with OneShot - which I like - but also have a big list of other interesting things to try. I might blitz through a bunch and see what sticks. Blitzing, like in Blitz Ball. You know, back when Final Fantasy was still PASSABLY ACCEPTABLE.

Oh my god, why does FFXV make me so angry!? Realising that something you’ve been really looking forward to is out there making everyone else happy but for some reason doesn’t do so for you seems to breed an especially vibrant form of bitterness. I express my horrid rage here purely for the sake of deconstruction - please do ignore me, and anyone else who is jealous of fun. If you need me I’ll be way over there, living in that cave just under that bridge, setting traps for small children, etc.

What have you fine folks got planned for the weekend? Anything you’d highly recommend we check out? Don’t forget that if you’re bored at all - or simply fancy chatting nonsense with other little ghosts - the CG Discord is a cool place to be.

Next week Quinns will be away on holiday, so it may be a quiet one - but we'll be back soon!

Posted on February 10, 2017 .

Kingdom: Going For a Ramble

Good morning! Today Matt and Quinns play Kingdom for about 20 minutes, having a quiet, relaxed conversation about game design trends and horses I guess. Enjoy!

Posted on February 9, 2017 .

Something for the Weekend: 3rd Feb 2017

Thanks for joining us on our first two weeks back with Cool Ghosts! The idea is that you’ll see what we’ve had over the past two weeks repeated FOR INFINITY or let’s be honest until we decide to change something, or realise it’s a bit too much to keep on top of. It's proving tricky to both have a job and keep my wife well-supplied with fresh soup. We’ll see how we go! Thanks again for your support though, everyone. It means a ton.

I’ve got a few things I’m keen to try this weekend, but to be perfectly honest it’s been a synapse-frying week. Highly likely that the next few days will see me playing Kingdom Rush on the iPad a bunch, and trying to work out if Fire Emblem: Heroes is decent or just more manipulative guff. So far it seems like a lovely bit of fun, but there are so many economies swirling around that it seems impossible to work out what the deal is before you’re already in WAY TOO DEEP. Ladies and gentlemen: Mobile Phone Games! On a positive note though, I'm currently just loving that your characters can die all the time without that being an issue. As much as I love perma-death, I've never felt it worked too well with that series.

After talking about it a bit on this week’s Daft Souls I’m still floating, kicking, falling and (occasionally) swearing my way through Gravity Rush 2. There are so many areas where this sequel stumbles, and it represents an utter disinterest in reforming the 2012 handheld original. But when you’re free-falling through the clouds, or skidding horizontally across the side of a skyscraper, it slaps a smile on your face like an industrial Japanese smile-slapping machine. Expect a video from me just as soon as I can begin to put together the 100 piece jigsaw that is my verdict.

Do let us know what you’ve got planned for this weekend, and remember that if you’re at a loose end at any point in any day, the Cool Ghosts discord channel is a lovely place to be.


Posted on February 3, 2017 .