Something for the Weekend: 30th October 2015

The Undertale hype has peaked! And I am atop that peak, strapping on my critical skis. This weekend I’ll be finding the time to finish Undertale is what I’m saying.

Ooh, you know what? I’m going to honour this Halloween weekend with a hat trick of spooky games. I’ll have the sickly-sweet monsters of Undertale, and then I’ll accompany that with the top-down terror of Noct and the gloomy ghost-hunting of Sylvio, both of which are on sale.

Other than that, Leigh and I will be plugging our way through this A.V. Club list of the 25 best horror movies since the year 2000. So far we’ve been stunned by The Orphanage, The Babadook and It Follows, and there’s so much more to come!

It’s only after we launched Cool Ghosts that I realised how much I love ghosts.

Oh gosh The Orphanage ruined me in the cinema - I stumbled out onto the street afterwards and felt like I’d been in a car crash. After deciding I didn’t care about the paper masks in Destiny’s spooky update, I then spent most of this afternoon running around collecting glue. Send help. Meanwhile I’m back in GameMaker land, messing about with colourful crabs. It’s a glorious way to waste away my life.

Oh! IMPORTANT NOTE: Sorry for the late notice, but this month's LIVE Funwraith hangout will be taking place this Sunday, at 11pm UK time. That'll be the afternoon for you US folks - pop over to the Patreon page on Sunday for more details. If you want to see last month's video, it's here!

EDIT: Super sorry, but plans for the hangout fell through at the last minute. We're finding the time difference stuff pretty tricky right now, but it's fairly temporary - so things should be better in the future!

What are you lot up to this weekend?


Posted on October 30, 2015 .