Something for the Weekend: 15th Nov

This week I'm running the board game lounge at New York University's Practice gaming conference, which is gonna be a ton of fun. Last time I was here one of the talks was by two B-Girls who told us about the rules and games of breakdancing battles. I'll be coming home with stories, that's for sure.

Other than that, I've been diving into Sorcery! (it IS silly fun, isn't it?) and prodding Chaos Reborn now it's officially finished. I'm in love with how that game manages to marry rich tactics and bluffing with farcical mistakes and irony. Every other turn you're either cooing or laughing. I'd love to find more time to play it.

Sorcery! is just so, so good. We talk about it EVEN MORE on tomorrow's episode of Daft Souls - the second game in particular is just fantastic stuff, so glad I went back and played through from the start. Chaos is also excellent, although no-one seems to be talking about it much - it's something we'll have to rectify soon.

I've got to say that deciding not to bother with Fallout 4 feels like I've been given an extra pair of lungs - the additional breathing room gave me time to finish The Witcher 2, and even dip into Persona 4 for a few hours. Mostly though this weekend has been lost to my OTT AAA blockbuster of choice: Starcraft 2. The final chunk of the triptych campaign came out the other day, and while it's not doing anything unexpected, I'm absolutely loving the explosive pomp.

What have you guys been up to this weekend?

Posted on November 15, 2015 .