Something For The Weekend - 22nd November 2015


HELLO! This week I've been all about Duskers. I've been dusking so hard that when I got an email from my friend mid-game, my fingers reflexively reached for the command prompt to jettison it into space. That is not a joke.

In fact, I've been playing it so much I've changed my Steam client to the beta branch so I can check out the next content update early. It has ship to ship cannons in it, Matt! I got a cannon! And immediately tested it out on the next monster I encountered, blew a hole in the derelict I was exploring and accidentally sucked all my drones out into deep space. It was incredible.

You know what? I'm so in love with Duskers I'm not even going to tell you to play it. Wait until it reaches v1.0 and leaves Early Access, Matt. I can only imagine you'll have even more fun that way.

I'm glad you've said that - I was already asking myself that exact question! Looking forward to getting stuck in once it's fully cooked. I've been playing a ton of stuff this week, finishing up the final part of the Starcraft 2 saga (video about that coming this Thursday) as well as playing a bunch of Star Wars Battlefront for VICE. Lots of people seem to be having a great time with it, but sadly I found it to be very thin and rapidly dull. Seems pointless to rehash the same negativity in video form over here at Cool Ghosts, so pop over and have a read if you're comfortable with me being flippantly profane and ruthlessly blunt. If you aren't, I can totally appreciate that too!

Onto something else that I totally LOVE, I've been having such an amazing time with Persona 4 Golden this weekend. After losing interest in Persona 3 at the point at which plot development became overshadowed by serious grind, it's nice to be reminded of where the series is strongest - asking you to make choices about how you want to spend your life, who you want to spend it with, and helping those you care about to feel more comfortable about themselves. It doesn't always get things tonally right, but man - there's so much about it to love. I aced my exams and I'm growing tomatoes and I think I've made best friends with a fox - it's been a fairly fantastic weekend.

What have you guys been up to?

Posted on November 22, 2015 .