Something For The Weekend - 27th November 2015

GREETINGS FROM THE COOL GHOSTS FUN-MOBILE. Alright so it's an ambulance, but don't panic! I messed up some of the muscles in my back and the NHS kindly drove me around a bit while I had a big huff on their legal drug-pipe. After two days of horizontal pain I'm now up and about and mildly using computers, but as you've probably noticed it's been a big set-back in terms of getting stuff made to go up on the website. I'm hoping that everything will return to normal soon, but it may be a bit longer before it's wise for me to dive back into video editing. It's irritating when life doesn't go to plan, but even the worst set-backs in life often provide excellent photo opportunities.

While quietly on the mend I've been caning Persona 4 Golden, and watching a lot of Jessica Jones. New Bloodborne Diaries will have to wait - as will everything else, frankly. I'll be back and better before you know it!

No such stress for me! I've had the world's most sedate week. Public transport puzzler Mini Metro's left Early Access, and I've been playing that along to some choice podcasts.  I'm a demon, Matt! You should see some of my metro networks. Or perhaps you shouldn't. You'd fall in love with their clever curves, their elegant intersections, and want to ride them. But you cannot! As they are merely fantasy.

On a tip from a friend, the other game I've been playing is Ubisoft's latest instalment of the Anno series, Anno 2205. A gentle sci-fi city-building game that sees you juggling space, resources, supply and demand. But you know what the weird part is? It has some of the most beautiful art design I've seen this year. I never thought a cannery or a mine could look stunning, but the men and women at Ubisoft have proved me wrong.

Let us know in the comments what you're up to this weekend - hopefully you're faring a bit better than Matt?

Posted on November 27, 2015 .