Something for the Weekend: 6th November

Gosh it's been a busy week! Subterfuge Diaries has become an epic edit job, but I can't complain because it's shaping up into something a bit more special than expected. Quinns is currently at Fantasy Flight Games' 2015 World Championships, looking at games and competing at Netrunner. I'll be joining him in the next 24 hours as I fly to America like a competent eagle, which whilst fun will make games DIFFICULT. I've got all three Sorcery! games loaded on my iPad, and Persona 4 Golden on PSVita. I think I'll probably survive.

Don't forget that our live Q&A Funwraith Hangout is happening THIS SUNDAY. If you want an idea of what they're like, the last one is here. What have you lot got planned for the weekend?


Posted on November 6, 2015 .