Something For The Weekend - 11th December 2015

This weekend I’m determined to squeeze a bit of time into Xenoblade Chronicles X, on account of the fact that I bought it with money and lots of people have said that it's great - even though my early impressions of playing lead me to believe that it is in fact hot, hot trash. I can't get over how small some of the on-screen text is, I half expected the manual to come printed on a single grain of rice. 

BUT OOH: I’ve just remembered that Steamworld Heist came out this week - definitely planning to crack out the 3DS for that one, sounds like a XCOM-flavoured treat. Mind you, on Saturday I’m going to a Home Alone themed Christmas party, so I expect I’ll soon be dead from fire and/or marbles.

I’m off to India for Christmas! That means planes, which means it’s time to load up the iPad with... uh, something!

Help me out, guys. Are there any management or strategy games on iOS I might have missed? I’ve played everything from Cook, Serve, Delicious! to Hoplite, but I bet you guys can rustle something up. Maybe something where I’m running a restaurant or a garden?

Posted on December 11, 2015 .