Subterfuge Diaries - Part 8

And that's it. The Subterfuge Diaries finale is here: 26 minutes of psychological backflips, and then we can all stop, go home, and tell our families that we love them. Thanks so much to Joe Skrebels, Chris Bratt, Pip Warr, Leigh Alexander, Paul Dean, and Nels Anderson for taking part in what ended up being a very different multiplayer experience to the one we anticipated when starting the series!

We do hope you've enjoyed it as much as we've enjoyed being able to put the time and effort into making something that we believe you won't find on any other gaming website. We couldn't do it without your support - so thank you! Catching up? Part 1 is here.

Map of Day 8

Map of Day 9

Map of Day 10

Posted on December 16, 2015 and filed under Subterfuge Diaries.