Daft Souls 63: SteamWorld Heist, Xenoblade Chronicles X

Matt and Joe round off the year with some excited chatter about SteamWorld Heist - a game which snuck in before the end of the year and might well be one of 2015's best. Matt's also been playing Xenoblade Chronicles X - but he isn't quite sure that it's his cup of tea. Finally, we top off this frothy festive skinny-podcast latte with a few of your lovely questions!

And that's it for Daft Souls until 2016 - we'll return in January like a big good dog, jumping around inside of your ears and lovingly knocking over all of your furniture. If you've yet to do so and love the podcast, please consider writing us an iTunes review!

Thank you from all of the Daft Souls team - and we hope you have a fantastic break too!

Posted on December 21, 2015 .