Something For The Festive Season


As the impenetrable walls of holly slowly grow, covering the doors of my house and blocking any hope of exit or escape, I can finally make the official announcement: Festivity is here. It has begun. I do hope you’ve stocked up on tinned mistletoe and meat, as it looks like it’s set to be a long and cold one. I’m personally planning to treat myself with SteamWorld Heist, a luxuriously produced XCOM-style treat that came out of nowhere - running off with my heart, and possibly my trousers. I’m also planning to play some great board games with the family, but can’t tell you what they are yet because some of them are PRESENTS and I’m aware that my family SOMETIMES READ THIS. If you’ve yet to give analogue gaming a chance, our 2015 wrap-up on Shut Up & Sit Down is a fantastic place to start.

I've found Christmas a bit intense ever since my uncle was carried away by a deadly yule tide, so for 2015 I've fled the holidays. I'm writing this from my friend's parents house in Bangalore, India! You lot can sit on your Christmas pudding and swivel. I'm eating poori and aloo gobi and I'm loving it. Or at least, I will be soon. Hilariously, at this precise moment I'm afflicted by both sunburn and food poisoning.

In terms of games? Mostly I've been watching my friend's partner play Just Cause 3, ogling explosions and giggling at physics. It's certainly a strong contender for Most Videogame of the Year. I've also been plotting my next pen and paper roleplaying campaign. I know it'll use Torchbearer, Luke Crane's beautiful re-imagining of D&D, that gives it all the grit of an episode of The Wire. Now I just have to decide how I’m going to make my campaign special. I can never just run an RPG, I have to do something very clever so everyone knows how clever I am.


Gosh grandmother, what big brains you have.
Finally, a huge thanks to those of you who’ve supported Cool Ghosts! It’s been a complicated and weird year for me, but it’s awesome to have a new sense of direction, a new source of energy, and most surprisingly of all - a new home. Popping on to the site every day to read comments has yet to be anything other than a joy, so thank you so much to everyone who’s contributed - even if it’s simply been a few moments of your time. Mind you, the people who actually
fund us are incredible. We really hope you’ve liked what we’ve made so far, but we can’t wait to get to work on even more cool stuff in 2016. We’re hyped. We’re JAZZED. I’m not sure that’s really a phrase, but it’s true - we’re both so jazzed that it’s not even funny. Our enthusiasm and optimism is what keeps the engine of Cool Ghosts alive, and supporting us allows us to focus on that, rather than boring business guff. Basically you’re the wind beneath our wings, and we’re standing outside of your house with flowers.

Let us know what you enjoy playing over the next few weeks, and we'll see you in January!

Posted on December 22, 2015 .