Matt: After weeks of filming and technical tweaking, Cool Ghosts is finally alive and in the wild. It’s been a genuinely hectic flurry of admin - the last time I felt so wholly knackered was after the last time we played Watch The Skies, which is when the above photo was taken. The reaction has definitely been worth the hard work though, we’ve frankly been left a little bit shocked about how universally lovely the comments on the site have been.

As it says at the end of each video, is where we live  - so from now on you’ll find us using Patreon to talk to you about some stuff, but for the sake of having a community that isn’t thrown across the kindgom like magical shards, we’ll just be posting the things we’ve made here, and then telling you about them on Facebook and Twitter.

Quinns: But since we have this nice site and all you lovely commenters, we’ll be chatting about what we’ve got planned for the weekend.

Metal Gear Solid V arrives on Tuesday(!), but in the calm before the storm I’ll be getting to grips with Big Pharma on Steam. It seems decent, and I’m a terrible fiend for management games, but I only got as far as completing the tutorials before getting distracted by Flywrench, which is sublime. It’s kind of like Super Meat Boy except you play some kind of crap robot bird.

Matt: I’ve actually been a bit smitten by Satellite Reign based on the video you put up yesterday. It’s installed and ready to go, and I’m hoping to make a bit of time for it this weekend. There’s something about not apologising for stealing other people’s bodies that sounds like it might be right up my street, and I’m frankly a sucker for neon colours and leaping head-first towards the risk of total failure. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT COOL GHOSTS HA HA HA

Quinns: I’m interested to see what you think of it! It’s a bit ropey in places, but succeeding at a heist and sprinting away from the compound with stolen tech under your arm is an amazing thrill.

What a thrill... With cyborgs, and lasers, through the night... What a thrill...

Matt: Ooh, and I keep meaning to actually play The Witcher 3, rather than just endlessly making comedy videos loosely about it.

Quinns: I GIVE MY LIIIIIIFE, NOT FOR MISSIONS, BUT FOR YOOUUUUUUUU yeah, MGSV cannot arrive soon enough.

Matt: And the chat we had on next week’s Daft Souls about iOS treats needs resolving too. It’s one of the famed BIG BANK WEEKENDS in the UK this week, which means a bonus Monday.

Quinns: Oh man. You definitely need to make good on your promise to check out Cook, Serve, Delicious on your iPad (though our audience should know that it’s on Steam, too).

Matt: Aye! So what have you guys got planned, lovely commenters? Playing anything amazing at the mo?


Posted on August 28, 2015 .