I think I can hear the Weekend Klaxon. The Venga Bus is coming. Hide the children. But first, let’s take a moment to look back on this week. An unbelievably intense episode of Hellduffers, a joyful dose of Daft Souls, a stupid song about helicopters, and then a quick top-off of some DRUGS and LOVE. I’m proud of this week, I think it’s been a good one. Thanks so much to all of our Funwraiths for making this stuff available for all.

But anyway! Now is the weekend-time, and it’s still about just two games for me: MGSV and Until Dawn. Both fantastic, and both so different that they’re lovely palette cleansers. I’m nearly finished with Until Dawn, but I really enjoyed how long it took for me to get a measure of what the game I was playing actually was - I wrote a bit about my thoughts on it for VICE this week.

Still, tonight I’ve got a live Regular Features show to perform at, and Saturday will mostly be taken up by the grand finale of my current Star Wars: Imperial Assault campaign. If I can’t crush the rebels then I think I might cry, just like in the films.

Ooh, good luck! During the final quest of my last Descent campaign I thought I might throw up. I ended up winning as the Overlord, and sealed up all four hero miniatures in a ziplock bag marked “DEAD HEROES”. Happy days!

And yes, this is yet another weekend to be sacrificed on the gun-altar that is Metal Gear Solid V. I can’t stand that it shows you a “% Complete” statistic in the main menu. Don’t show me that! I don’t want to load up my game, full of promise and mystery, only to be reminded that it will come to an end.

Other than that, I’ll probably try and find an hour or two to pour into Duskers. I said as much in EULA Surfers, but my god, that game has promise.

It looked strong! Judging from reactions I’ve read in the comments the people you’ve turned onto that haven’t been disappointed. How about you guys - what’s planned for the weekend?

Posted on September 11, 2015 .