Something From The Weekend - 21st Sept

Last Friday I was struggling to get a bike up a hill for charity, so we didn’t get a chance to post a quick thing about what we planned to play. But the power of retrospect is strong in this one, so let’s forge ahead and talk about what we DID play.

I played Destiny, and nothing else. I’ve got no shame about that at all - The Taken King is simply wonderful. I’ll have in-depth video thoughts about it fairly soon, but I feel confident to say that there’s never been a better time to jump in: the whole back-end of the game has been gutted and replaced with a system more dynamic and fun, and the new stuff really plays to the game’s biggest strengths. My favourite thing so far is the Court of Oryx - an explosive public fruit machine that takes magical coins and spews out bosses. When you’ve got five people leaping around hurling wild space-magic in a tiny arena, it feels less like a shooter and more the X-Men. Appreciate that many really don’t dig it, but Destiny remains up there as one of my all-time favourite games.

Myself and my Best Destiny Buddy have decided to give Taken King a miss. Our plan is to rejoin the Destiny party with the next expansion, when we’ll get twice the new content (the other part of our plan is to not think about the fact that this will cost us a lump sum of £60). So instead I had some friends over, we drank wine and played Porcunipine, which is like Destiny but you only get one bullet.

I’ve been playing a load of stuff for the next EULA Surfers, too. PANORAMICAL, Skyshine’s BEDLAM and Train Valley. A load of people on Twitter told me not to miss Undertale, so that’s next.

Did you win the game of biking up a Hill, Matt? It sounds like a bad game.

Oh gosh it's the worst game. I was full of a cold and had to walk it up the last bit just before Brighton, because hills that steep probably shouldn't be allowed. Still - my other half raised over £8,000 for charity, and I admirably performed my required duty of comparatively making her look really good at BIKES. In other news, I will never be using my legs again.

What did you lot get up to on the weekend? Have you sworn never to use your limbs for evil ever again?

Posted on September 21, 2015 .