Bashing Up Oryx with Cool Ghosts

Big fella, wings - glowy eyes. I think I’ve killed Oryx about 20 times, and yet of course no don’t be silly Matt of course you haven’t. Nasty Hive bosses that die and then aren’t dead are almost a staple Destiny tradition, but I’m in no rush to actually finish him.

Monday night was my first blind session in The King’s Fall: Destiny’s latest six-man raid.  After about four hours we finally managed to kill the first boss, but the journey up until that point was amazing. You may have heard me waxing lyrical about the Vault of Glass this time last year, and - while I don’t want to speak too soon - I’ve a feeling that The King’s Fall might end up being even better.

I’m working on a biiiiiiig video about The Taken King which will be up next Thursday, but in the meantime I wanted to pop my head up and remind you that we’ve got a little Destiny clan set up for Cool Ghosts. A huge number of people over the last year have told me that they’ve never been able to check out Destiny’s raids because they weren’t able to rustle up 5 friends. This is understandable, but also a real shame!

So if you’re new to the game and looking for space colleagues, or wanting to assemble a team of nice people to tackle the new raid without people who already know how to do it, sign up to the clan and get chatting below to find some nice strangers and have an adventure. I’ll return next week with an exciting explosion about why this game is so damned good.


Posted on September 23, 2015 .