Something for the Weekend - 25th Sept 2015

I feel bad for anyone trying to dabble in different stuff this month, it’s been a phenomenally expensive one. MGSV and The Taken King are both spectacular but a real drain on moneycoins. I’ve been doing my best to check out some smaller cheap things, and Quinns - you’ve really wet my whistle with some of the stuff in the latest EULA Surfers. Undertale looks like something I’ll adore. Also I’m not sure what wet my whistle actually means so sorry if you now need to call the police.

 I saw Bennett Foddy (of GIRP and Speed Chess) tweeting about how this is the best year for games we’ve had in ages, and I’m right there with him. I can’t remember when I last had to pick games to leave behind because there wasn’t enough time.

My heart fell just this morning when I saw Cities Skylines: After Dark has been released. How am I supposed to explore that, and finish Soma, Dropsy and Undertale?! And when will I find time for Rinse and Repeat?

Just a final heads up that our first live hangout will be taking place next Wednesday - login and check the Patreon page for details, and you’ll find a link there next week about half an hour before we go live. A special thanks again to everyone who funds Cool Ghosts - it’s amazing to finally realise my dream of having a pink website where people inexplicably talk about The Clangers.

What are you lot planning to play this weekend?

Posted on September 25, 2015 .