Matt: THE WEEKEND IS SO CLOSE THAT I CAN FEEL IT GENTLY HUFFING DOWN THE BACK OF MY NECK. For me this weekend is all about Metal Gear Solid V. We talk about it incredibly briefly on the next episode of Daft Souls - which will be up on Monday - but the tiny amount of it I’ve seen so far has absolutely blown me away. I’m gutted that most of this weekend requires me to be in a place that isn’t my house, but I’m determined to squeeze in a few missions when and where I can. I have a horse called D-Horse. I’ll see you in October.

Quinns: Yeah, this weekend will be Weekend Gear Solid V for me, too. It’s actually the first game that my girlfriend and I both want to play through without spoilers, which is a challenge. We’re taking turns, but our PS4 and TV are in the room we both work in.

She’s playing it right now, Matt! I can’t turn around. I could see some spoiler that ruins the whole game. Big Boss playing a panflute. The Quiet wearing a comfy jumper. It could be anything.

Matt: The Ocelot Riverdance sequence might make it GOTY for me.

Quinns: That had better be a joke. That’s a joke, right. You’re joking.

Urgh. You! Yes, you, the one reading this. What do you have planned?

Posted on September 4, 2015 .