Something For The Weekend - 29th January 2016

I’m ever so slightly worse for wear today after last night’s monthly Funwraith Q&A - perhaps absinthe and live-streaming aren’t the best of combinations. On the other hand, perhaps they are? You can be the judge of that, feel free to watch the whole thing here. We’ll try to make it a habit to do this on the last Thursday of every month, so if you’re one of the fine people who funds Cool Ghosts to the tune of $5 a month, whack it in your diary and join us next time - we always have a ton of fun.

This weekend I’m escaping to the country for a few days, but there’s so much stuff I’m dying to play - XCOM 2 still has me firmly by the spaceballs, The Witness is awfully colourful and enticing, and Quinns’ explanation of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak has me reeling at how wonderful this year is already shaping up to be. More chat about that on Monday’s Daft Souls.

It’s a disaster, Matt. When I’m playing Darkest Dungeon, I’m thinking about The Witness. When I’m playing The Witness I’m daydreaming about Deserts of Kharak. But when I’m playing Kharkak, I keep remembering that I need to try The Westport Independent. But should I start a new game when I really need to finish my upcoming Disgaea 5 video? But then how could I POSSIBLY do any work when I haven’t done the Nuclear Throne daily challenge?!

It’s over. I can’t keep up, Matt. Time to quit my job, close the curtains, order a load of energy gels from Amazon and let the games devour me.

Posted on January 29, 2016 .