Something For The Weekend: 11th March 2016

This weekend we fly away to GDC, for a week of talking about board games with strangers and listening to interesting industry people saying interesting things about games. Before I leave I’m doing my best to squeeze in a bit more Stardew Valley, and also poke around in the new Hitman. After you’ve messed about with the tutorial bits there’s only one proper mission so far but it’s massive and frankly overwhelming. Blood Money fans will be very excited, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I was actually quite fond of the much-maligned linear structure of Absolution. There’s a certain type of mind that adores getting lost in a sandbox of tiny, detailed variables, and then you’ve got James Bond tourists like me - quite happy to kill a man in an exotic location before being whisked away to somewhere else.

For travelling purposes I’ve got Bravely Second, Part 3 of Sorcery! to finish off, and I’ve heard good things about Crashlands on the iPad. I found the game’s trailer overwhelmingly obnoxious in its failing attempts to make me laugh, but apparently the game is very good, so question mark?

Launching The Contender has been amazing fun, but it’s had the unusual side-effect of making me feel like I’m skiving off when I play anything other than Street Fighter V. I should be training! Urgh.

Assuming sensei Ian doesn’t find out, I’ll be finding some time today to give Factorio a shot. Rock Paper Shotgun’s raving review has got me all excited to build a web of conveyor belts like a mad, industrial spider. For the flight tomorrow I’ll be loading my 3DS with Fire Emblem Awakening, because Fire Emblem Fates isn’t out in Europe for another couple of months. Seems as good a reason as any to return to the first one!

What have you guys got planned for the weekend?

Posted on March 11, 2016 .