Something From The Weekend: 21st March 2016

We had a ludicrously intense week at GDC! We played board games with lovely people, poked a tiny handful of video games, and drastically failed to get very much sleep. Expect a quiet one on Cool Ghosts this week - we need a few days to recalibrate the neurons. Sadly we failed to account for just how busy we’d end up being, which means no episode of Daft Souls today.

BUT: instead, you can hear me on the latest Eurogamer podcast (which features many who’ve appeared on Daft Souls in the past), as well as this special hour-long video podcast thing about diversity, community, and other things that play a vital part in the future of games media. It was hosted by the excellent Danny O’Dwyer, and I was joined by two brilliant chaps I’d never met before: Kahlief Adams and Shareef Jackson of Spawn on Me - a great podcast that I’m checking out right flipping now.

I have genuine anxiety at the prospect of playing Street Fighter in front of sensei Ian tomorrow as (a) I haven’t played Street Fighter V for a week and (b) my nerves are shredded to the level of coleslaw. I watched Creed on the plane home to get hype for my training but ended up crying for about 50% of it.

No video games on the cards today. Instead I am going to climb under a blanket and watch a nice anime. Tomorrow, though, I’ll be checking out Hitman. Which of you would like a video on the best level from each Hitman game, and what design lessons we can learn from them? That’s a project I’d love to start working on…

What have you lot been enjoying this weekend?

Posted on March 21, 2016 .