The Contender, Week 6: Best of Three?

Six weeks in, and Quinns' quest to join the top 10% of Street Fighters in the world suddenly looks impossible. To progress, he must know his enemy. Even if his enemy is a wrestler with her butt out, a pair of legs in an army uniform or something that looks like it fell out of Killer Instinct.

Also, the game of Saltybet mentioned in this episode is still very much alive! Right now it's showing Joan of Arc vs. Ridley Scott's alien. Never change, Saltybet.

As always, huge thanks to all you Contenders who've been listening & training along with Quinns! If you missed our earlier episodes you'll find them right here. The Contender is available on iTunes here and the RSS feed is here. Want to train along with the Cool Ghosts community? Our Discord channel is here.

Posted on April 13, 2016 .