The Contender, Week 8: The Grand Finale

Quinns' quest (read: his mad scramble) to get into the top 10% of Street Fighter V players arrives at its teary finale! But don't worry. The Contender will return as an irregular podcast, and whenever it does we'll be posting about it on this very site.

For all you commenters, this week's question is a simple one. Now Ian's made invincible warriors of us all, what will you do with these newfound powers?

As always, huge thanks to all you Contenders who've been listening & training along with Quinns! If you missed our earlier episodes you'll find them right here, The Contender is available on iTunes here, and if you want to spar with Quinns or Ian you'll find them on SFV under the fighter names "Quinns" and "Plimpsoul".

Posted on April 27, 2016 .