Something For The Weekend - 29th April 2016

BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND isn’t a phrase that means much when you’re a self-employed octopus, so I’ll be spending a chunk of it flailing around trying to write something funny for Monday’s live Regular Features show. But I also have wild aspirations to sit on my bum and play video games. This week’s recording of Daft Souls (out next Monday) had Quinns getting turbo-jazzed about Hitman’s new level and Fallen London. I think I’ll try and poke around with one of those! If you’re free tomorrow and fancy some fun, the Cool Ghosts community is planning to take advantage of a free weekend of Duck Game on Steam. It has a dedicated quack button. I mean, I’m not sure what else you really need to know?

Guile hits Street Fighter V today, so I’ll be finding an hour to explore his fabulous muscles and still-more fabulous hair. He’s stood out as the single most boring character in previous games, but for this iteration he’s got all sorts of weird new abilities. We’re getting the game’s first new downloadable stage, too! Besides that, I’ll be Hitmanning it up. The realisation that unlocks in each area can be taken into all other areas has made me incredibly excited to do up my crappy red tie, get some ridiculous kills and walk very slowly out of the level with nobody paying attention to me. That’s the most important part.

Posted on April 29, 2016 .