The Contender, Week 5: Locating Quintin's Brakes

In the extended metaphor of Quintin's fighting journey, he's hit the open road and the COPS CAN'T CATCH HIM NOW. The boys chat about combos and cancelling, then veer off to discuss the giant March update. Capcom's gifted us with lounges, lessons and an elbow expert!

As for this week's question, we want to know: What are you working on this week? (And why is it so goddamn hard?)

As always, huge thanks to all you Contenders who've been listening & training along with Quinns! If you missed our earlier episodes you'll find them right here. The Contender is available on iTunes here and the RSS feed is here. Want to train along with the Cool Ghosts community? Our Discord channel is here.

As for the promised Contender tie-in video, we've done our test run! The real thing will be published with next week's podcast.

Posted on April 6, 2016 .