Something For The Weekend - 13th May 2016

Today I decided to spin up Stellaris - I can’t tell if I actually like it that much, but somehow sank 7 hours into it regardless. I should probably stay away from 4X games, especially after having such similar feelings about the critically-lauded Endless Legend. On the off-chance that my weekend doesn’t somehow devolve into clicking on space things forever and ever, I really ought to go and finish Wolfenstein - I can’t recall the last time I played a mainstream game quite so strange.

Doom’s out! Not that I’ll be playing it. I contented myself with watching a playthrough of the first 15 minutes, occasionally saying things like “Ooh,” “Hmm,” and “Ew.” Having now freed up my weekend, I’ve decided I’m going to spend my Saturday journeying to a very rare cheese burger, and on Sunday I’m hunting down Hitman’s first Elusive Target

What are you guys playing?

Posted on May 13, 2016 .