Something For The Weekend - 20th May 2016

(To the tune of Just A Little by Liberty X)

The full game is out now and it’s on Steam 
A spooky sim about robo-ots
It’s really hitting my spot,
Oh yeah, yeah.
And it is really good,
You should buy this game 'coz it just thirteen quid,
I just want to buy great games,
And this one’s honestly great,
Oh baby, won't you...

Pilot some robots,
Get scared,
Just a little,
Through derelicts,
Just a little bit more (Just a little bit)
Explore just a little bit more (Just a little)

JUST A LIIIIITTTLE BIT MOOOOORE. Gosh, I can’t follow that - but I can chip in to say that yes, Duskers is evidently hot-to-trot and not to be missed. But now, for some important news - the next Live Q&A Hangout-Thing will take place at 10pm UK time on Thursday the 26th of May, and after months of planning and tweaking and stuff, the brand new version of Shut Up & Sit Down is finally live and in the wild.

What does this mean for you? It means an official Cool Ghosts forum where you can hang out and talk about videogames, regardless of what the weather is like. Join up, say hello, marvel at the new perma-link at the top of the websitethat will take you to a place where pink and orange can link arms and sing.

I’m off to Manchester to try on a suit for most of this weekend, so I’ll have to leave playing games in the capable hands of you. So you - yes, you - what are you up to, exactly? Hm?

Posted on May 20, 2016 .