Something For The Weekend - 6th May 2016

We’ve had a selection of people pop onto Daft Souls to talk about the fun they’ve been having with Overwatch, and finally this weekend we can actually play it - the Cool Ghosts community have chosen to make it their weekend game, so if you want to play with LOVELY BUDS this Sunday evening, pop over and say hello over here. I might have a quick poke around with it myself, although I’ve unexpectedly found myself back playing Wolfenstein - more chat about that on next week’s podcast.

I’m still spending my evenings in scandalous company (often with a glass of mushroom wine) in Fallen London, and I’m having fun prodding the new early access build of Parkitect, but for this weekend I’m on the lookout for something more substantial. My fiancée’s returned to Metal Gear Solid 5 this week and I’ve been enviously watching her espionage antics, so I suspect I’ll brush off my own save file too. It’s such a stunning game.

What are you guys up to?

Posted on May 6, 2016 .