Something For The Weekend - 10th June 2016

At the start of this week I greedily dived into Hearts of Iron IV. I've always meant to investigate this series, with its dedicated simulationist approach to World War 2, endless knobs to twiddle and plans that you sit on and hatch like the chicken at the end of the world. Well, I don't mean to alarm anyone but holy smokes, I was not ready for the amount of knobs present. I'm desperate to play it further but I ended up playing Steamworld Heist all instead, and planning to return when I'm feeling a bit more capable.

This week I finally dipped my toes into Subnautica, which immediately grabbed me in a way I honestly wasn't expecting - such an irresistible sense of magic, tempered with a healthy gulp of fear. Torn now between playing more, or waiting until the game is closer to being finished. For now though, SteamWorld Heist has me for the third time - looking forward to playing through it all again with the Outsider DLC installed. And finally - after a few weeks of failing to click - I'm now really enjoying playing Overwatch. It seems the trick for me was to play it on PS4 instead of PC - the pace feels less frantic, the players are less skilled, there's far more space to enjoy the bright colours. 

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Posted on June 10, 2016 .