Something For The Weekend: 24th June 2016


Apologies for using a photo of Britain for the header image this week instead of art from a fun videogame, but it's been a bit of a tumultuous week. After our nation decided to crash the economy so that Boris Johnson could have a cool job, it's been a bit difficult to think about games. It's also been difficult to play any games, as the magic box in my building that does electricity exploded last night. (EXPLOSIONS!)

I spent last night eating melting lemon sorbet by the light of a candle, and awoke to find Britain covered in poo in a flat with no electricity or hot water. Honestly, I can't gripe - it's impeccably thematic. Importantly though, life continues! Tomorrow me and Chris Bratt will be live-streaming Dark Souls III: Pants Man from the Eurogamer offices, because they have electricity and are lovely people. If you'd like to donate to our charity event you can do so here, and if you're near London and fancy watching it with other people - go to Stratford's Loading Bar. 10% of the bar spend will go to charity, so if you're in the mood to drink drinks and peopleize with people - which is wholly understandable - it's a pretty good place to do it. Finally, I adore the fact that a local newspaper has taken my claim of playing Dark Souls till I'm exhausted as a literal, quotable fact. Small pleasures.

JOY. In other news of fiction becoming reality, I am enacting the joke at the end of our Subnautica video and playing still more of the current build instead of waiting for them to finish the darn thing. I’m in love. And speaking of love (and sex, and sex work) I’m absolutely loving the commercial release of VA-11 Hall-A. It keeps making me laugh, making me think and I can’t wait to squeal about it on the next Daft Souls. It’s also available on Steam, but buying it on will give the devs a little bit more of your cash.

Posted on June 24, 2016 .