Something For The Weekend - 3rd June 2016

Hello! This weekend we're both at the UK Games Expo in not-actually-Birmingham-to-be-honest, playing games and kissing hands and shaking babies for Shut Up & Sit Down. Time for videogames is hugely unlikely, but on the train I've been playing Pocket Card Jockey! Tiny horses! Tiny cards! My main horse is called SAUSAGE FACTORY. If you're hankering to read us talking about games, check out this piece about Monster Hunter I wrote for Kotaku. It's nice!

I'm not playing any vidya games this weekend, but I did manage to poke the latest build of Subnautica this week and my word! It's quite the thing. I'd say it's worth buying for the opening 10 seconds alone, when it spawns you standing on a life raft in the middle of an ocean that you then have to climb into, but that would be a lie Still, it's absolutely great fun, and now I've got another survival-alike together with The Long Dark that I can't wait to leave early access.

How about you guys? What are you up to this weekend?

Posted on June 3, 2016 .