Something For The Weekend - 5th August 2016

Hello! Just Matt here this week, as Quinns is off exploring GenCon for Shut Up & Sit Down. As you may well have noticed over the last month or so, things have been very quiet on both websites. Sad news I'm afraid, but as and when we're able things will carry on AS IF ALMOST NORMAL - partially for the benefit of you guys, but mostly as a method of keeping me sane. For the past week I've managed little more than endlessly playing Monster Hunter Generations (my favourite new monster is "Big Bubble Boy" - pictured above). Oh boy what a fun time! I've fallen head over heels for a dual-blade aerial build; we're running away to start a new life; you can keep the kids.

Finally this week, it's worth pointing out that whilst the STUFF side of the website has stumbled into a prickly bush, the other half of what makes Cool Ghosts brill is happily continuing: The community are putting together a casual Street Fighter V tournament this weekend -  pop over here to say hello, sign up, and find out more details when they materialise.

And before I sign off one final, vital question: what are you guys playing this weekend?

Posted on August 5, 2016 .