Something For The Weekend: 10th Feb 2017


This week my wife came back from a visa-related sojourn in America, which means I’m finally playing Final Fantasy XV, something we agreed to do together. After all the grumbling I’d seen - on the internet, no less - I wasn’t expecting much, but we’re both loving it to pieces!

To me it feels like an expensive massage; a superb series of little touches. Every animation, piece of art design and stupid joke makes me smile. Playing it with my partner, when we both have long histories with this series, is just the cherry on the cake.

That’s fascinating, because gosh-in-a-barrel I roundly despised it. DESPISED. Anyway, after a frantic two weeks of writing and editing and filming (oh my!) this weekend I might actually make time to sit down and poke a handful of games. I’m keen to press on with OneShot - which I like - but also have a big list of other interesting things to try. I might blitz through a bunch and see what sticks. Blitzing, like in Blitz Ball. You know, back when Final Fantasy was still PASSABLY ACCEPTABLE.

Oh my god, why does FFXV make me so angry!? Realising that something you’ve been really looking forward to is out there making everyone else happy but for some reason doesn’t do so for you seems to breed an especially vibrant form of bitterness. I express my horrid rage here purely for the sake of deconstruction - please do ignore me, and anyone else who is jealous of fun. If you need me I’ll be way over there, living in that cave just under that bridge, setting traps for small children, etc.

What have you fine folks got planned for the weekend? Anything you’d highly recommend we check out? Don’t forget that if you’re bored at all - or simply fancy chatting nonsense with other little ghosts - the CG Discord is a cool place to be.

Next week Quinns will be away on holiday, so it may be a quiet one - but we'll be back soon!

Posted on February 10, 2017 .