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Daft Souls: AC Syndicate, Sorcery!, Rebel Galaxy, Double Hitler, Hearts of Stone

This week Matt and Joe are joined by Jim Trinca! We talk about Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and the series in general before Matt and Joe get excited about Inkle’s Sorcery! series. Rebel Galaxy didn’t manage to tickle Matt’s intergalactic pickle (still waiting to hear back from legal on whether that phrase is acceptable) but Joe spruced things back into form with a dose of Double Hitler. Finally, Jim talks a bit about Hearts of Stone - which leaves Matt genuinely throwing a bit of a wobbly because he wants to play The Witcher 3 but hasn’t found the time. Links to stuff mentioned in the podcast below!

Joe’s fantastic article about London in AC:Syndicate.

The Eurogamer piece about the roots of CD Projekt.

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Daft Souls: Mad Max, MGSV, Big Pharma, Until Dawn

This week we're joined by Jim Trinca, talented producer of The Miller Report. He tells us how he's been getting on with Mad Max, and then we attempt to talk about Metal Gear Solid V for "just a minute" and then go off on one for quite some time. No spoilers though, we've barely touched it.

Matt shares his follow-up thoughts on Satellite Reign, and Big Pharma gets a quick mention - you'll have more on that this Thursday. Finally, the questions get completely derailed when we realise that Jim has also played Until Dawn, and interrogate him ruthlessly about what that's like. It's an exciting episode this week - we do hope you enjoy it!

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Posted on September 7, 2015 .