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Daft Souls 71: The Flame In The Flood, Anatomy, Layers of Fear

Matt and Quinns are joined by Joe, who has played 9999 games in the past week. We chat about The Flame In The Flood before diving off into a world of horror: Quinns has been playing Kitty HorrorShow's Anatomy, while Joe has fond thoughts about Layers of Fear.

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Daft Souls: Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

Matt and Joe are joined by Chris Bratt, who's been playing a lot of Overwatch. It sounds exciting, but the other chaps have real reservations about the online team-shooty genre - can stuff like this and Rainbow Six: Siege avoid the horrible fate of Evolve? Matt's been playing Starcraft 2, and Joe's been dipping into Code Name S.T.E.A.M and thinking about stressful games.

Special thanks again to Mr Joe Skrebels for standing in for Quinns over the last few months, and thanks to those of you who fund Cool Ghosts for allowing us to pay him for his brilliant services! If you love Joe then don't despair, we're planning to get him doing a little bit of video stuff for us at some point in the new year.

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Daft Souls: Black Ops III, Chaos Reborn, Train Games

Matt listens to Joe talk about the latest Call of Duty game for almost an hour, and honestly I think that's fine. After that, a little bit on the full release of Chaos Reborn, and finally some recommendations about good games to play while on a train. (Alone, Desert Golfing, Ghost Trick, Another Case Solved, Pacman 256, Monster Hunter Ultimate 4).

Here is Joe's piece about Jeff Goldblum, obviously.

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Posted on November 9, 2015 .

Daft Souls: AC Syndicate, Sorcery!, Rebel Galaxy, Double Hitler, Hearts of Stone

This week Matt and Joe are joined by Jim Trinca! We talk about Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and the series in general before Matt and Joe get excited about Inkle’s Sorcery! series. Rebel Galaxy didn’t manage to tickle Matt’s intergalactic pickle (still waiting to hear back from legal on whether that phrase is acceptable) but Joe spruced things back into form with a dose of Double Hitler. Finally, Jim talks a bit about Hearts of Stone - which leaves Matt genuinely throwing a bit of a wobbly because he wants to play The Witcher 3 but hasn’t found the time. Links to stuff mentioned in the podcast below!

Joe’s fantastic article about London in AC:Syndicate.

The Eurogamer piece about the roots of CD Projekt.

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Daft Souls: Downwell, Life is Strange, Tales from the Borderlands, Steam Controller, Chesh

Matt and Joe swing about podcast town with a variety of topics this week. Matt has some final spoiler-free things to say about  Undertale, while Joe has things to say about  Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands. The Steam Controller seems like a damp squib, but both chaps are very impressed by Downwell. The reactions to Chesh are best heard live. 

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Daft Souls: Other Places, Else:Heart.Break(), Undertale

This week Matt and Joe are joined by Andy Kelly, creator of the award-winning series Other Places. Andy explains why Else:Heart.Break() has been captivating him, while Matt returns to Undertale with a mixture of frustration and delight.  Due to popular demand I've reworked the artwork to include both headshots and game-specific stuff - hopefully this will keep everyone happy! For podcast subscription links and more info, head on over to the Daft Souls page.

Daft Souls: Subterfuge, 80 Days, The Beginner's Guide

This week I'm joined by Joe Skrebels, an A-Grade charmer who'll be standing in as co-host of the podcast while Quinns is off in Canadaland. We briefly chat about 80 Days (check out last week's video if you somehow missed that!) and then The Beginner's Guide. As mentioned in the podcast, the discussion thread we hosted here is a pretty fabulous place to go if you want more food for thought on that one.

Finally, there's Subterfuge. At the point of recording, our feelings towards it were purely excited - since then, let's just say that things have changed. Still - to find out about that you'll have to come back for the video series, but we'll leave you with one simple piece of advice: Maybe don't play this game with friends.

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Posted on October 12, 2015 .