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Something for the Weekend: 10th October

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Matt and I searched long and hard for our next Let’s Play series and we’ve settled on Subterfuge. A game that takes the week long, real-time war of Neptune’s Pride, vastly improves the interface and makes all kinds of additions and subtractions to make it more entertaining. It launches next week, but we’re in the beta right now and I’m loving it.

I’ve actually been part of an all-star  Neptune’s Pride diary before, and that’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever done (though this Solium Infernum diary will forever be my favourite). So obviously I was excited to do one for Subterfuge, this time on video.

In other words, this weekend Matt and I will mostly be frowning at tablets, sending panicked diplomatic missives and generally losing our minds. Everyone will tell you that these games are worth playing once. Struggling to get to sleep because you’re afraid you’ll see incoming warfleets when you wake up is quite the experience. I’m excited to find out whether Subterfuge is a game worth playing twice.

More than anything I just want it to end. It's excellent, and clever, but it's taken control of my attention so completely that I'm worried I might be losing my mind. Me and Joe talk about the structure of the game quite a bit in next week's Daft Souls, so be sure to check back on Monday for that.

Subterfuge does make it hard to remember that other games exist. I’ve been prodding Else Heart.Break() and Jotun, but neither one’s held my attention with WARFLEETS in the background. I have, however, just seen that Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has hit Steam, so I’ll find some time for that. That game’s a jewel.

What have you guys been playing?

Posted on October 10, 2015 .