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EULA Surfers: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Downwell, Mushroom 11

The October edition of EULA Surfers is here, telling you all about the best and brightest new releases on Steam!

Lots to be excited about here. Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesThe Beginner's Guide, Downwell, Mushroom 11, Cities Skylines: After Dark, Else Heart.Break(), Hacknet and Quadrilateral Cowboy! Which isn't out yet, but Quinns wishes it was.

Daft Souls: Subterfuge, 80 Days, The Beginner's Guide

This week I'm joined by Joe Skrebels, an A-Grade charmer who'll be standing in as co-host of the podcast while Quinns is off in Canadaland. We briefly chat about 80 Days (check out last week's video if you somehow missed that!) and then The Beginner's Guide. As mentioned in the podcast, the discussion thread we hosted here is a pretty fabulous place to go if you want more food for thought on that one.

Finally, there's Subterfuge. At the point of recording, our feelings towards it were purely excited - since then, let's just say that things have changed. Still - to find out about that you'll have to come back for the video series, but we'll leave you with one simple piece of advice: Maybe don't play this game with friends.

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Posted on October 12, 2015 .

Something For The Weekend - 2nd Oct 2015

Quinns is settling his fine feet into Canada as I'm writing this, so today you're just stuck with me. If you want to bask in his face and voice and missed it earlier in the week, be sure to check out our first LIVE HANGOUT with the Funwraiths who could make it. We had a blast recording it, so thanks again for those who joined us live.

This weekend though, I need a break. Chilled Destiny feels like the most I can muster after my soul took a bit of a bruising playing The Beginner's Guide.  Oh, and a quick update about our Destiny clan - the member limit is 100 people, which is rubbish! Never fear though, if you're on PS4 we've got a Cool Ghosts community - search for Jam_Sponge and you should be able to join via that.

Let us know what you've got planned this weekend, or if there's anything you think we really ought to check out!

Posted on October 2, 2015 .

The Beginner's Guide

This is one of those rare times I felt compelled to make something, even though the thing my heart was telling me to make was strange. It won't speak to everyone, but then neither will the game itself - and I'd suspect that those without patience for this video might not get a lot out of The Beginner's Guide.

I'd be fascinated to know either way, though. Please avoid the comments if you don't want anything spoiled - I'd ask people to refrain from posting anything too overt, but it's not a game that's easy to discuss in any capacity without giving an awful lot away.

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