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Something for the Weekend: 30th October 2015

The Undertale hype has peaked! And I am atop that peak, strapping on my critical skis. This weekend I’ll be finding the time to finish Undertale is what I’m saying.

Ooh, you know what? I’m going to honour this Halloween weekend with a hat trick of spooky games. I’ll have the sickly-sweet monsters of Undertale, and then I’ll accompany that with the top-down terror of Noct and the gloomy ghost-hunting of Sylvio, both of which are on sale.

Other than that, Leigh and I will be plugging our way through this A.V. Club list of the 25 best horror movies since the year 2000. So far we’ve been stunned by The Orphanage, The Babadook and It Follows, and there’s so much more to come!

It’s only after we launched Cool Ghosts that I realised how much I love ghosts.

Oh gosh The Orphanage ruined me in the cinema - I stumbled out onto the street afterwards and felt like I’d been in a car crash. After deciding I didn’t care about the paper masks in Destiny’s spooky update, I then spent most of this afternoon running around collecting glue. Send help. Meanwhile I’m back in GameMaker land, messing about with colourful crabs. It’s a glorious way to waste away my life.

Oh! IMPORTANT NOTE: Sorry for the late notice, but this month's LIVE Funwraith hangout will be taking place this Sunday, at 11pm UK time. That'll be the afternoon for you US folks - pop over to the Patreon page on Sunday for more details. If you want to see last month's video, it's here!

EDIT: Super sorry, but plans for the hangout fell through at the last minute. We're finding the time difference stuff pretty tricky right now, but it's fairly temporary - so things should be better in the future!

What are you lot up to this weekend?


Posted on October 30, 2015 .

UnderTale: It's Bloody Brilliant

Frankly, there's nothing else to say. Apart from all of the things Matt says in this video. No spoilers for the first few minutes, but after that the safety is off. For those who DO skip through videos willy-nilly,  a red triangle in the bottom left corner means you've veered into SpoilerTown, sweetheart.

And on that topic, be warned that we've also released the safety catch below: Anything Undertale is fair game to talk about in the discussion below, so don't read unless you're comfortable with spoilers. 

Obviously though, please keep your trousers on. Undertale eh? What a game! 

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Something for the Weekend: 24th October 2015

I finished Undertale earlier in the week, and it left an impression that it’s somehow felt callous to fill - so in the meantime I’ve been back in Destiny, chipping away at the latest raid at a truly glacial pace. My spoiler-free thoughts on Undertale will be in Daft Souls next week, and I think it’s pretty likely that I’ll also have a spoiler-y video about it next Thursday. If you haven’t finished it already, I’d do so - the middle is saggy, but it’s really worth persevering with. Don't be afraid to use Google if you're stuck.

Having seen that the finale is getting BIG THUMBS, I’m keen to jump in and try Life is Strange - but again, might need a bit of a break from 2015’s Melancho-co-co-COMBO! Oh, and I almost finished the new Destiny raid and got myself some SHOES and a GUN.

HOT BEANS! Leigh and I have mostly been playing couple-y games this week. Leigh’s become a quite a professional bomb disposal expert in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, only rarely lapsing into terrified, unintelligible shouts. We’ve also been working through Pandemic Legacy together, which isn’t a video game, but is amazing.

Aside from that, I keep prodding Downwell. I think I might be getting good at it? I don’t know. I turned 29 years old this week. Downwell’s probably not for me anymore.

What games are you playing this weekend, everybody? And do they fit your age category?

Daft Souls: Other Places, Else:Heart.Break(), Undertale

This week Matt and Joe are joined by Andy Kelly, creator of the award-winning series Other Places. Andy explains why Else:Heart.Break() has been captivating him, while Matt returns to Undertale with a mixture of frustration and delight.  Due to popular demand I've reworked the artwork to include both headshots and game-specific stuff - hopefully this will keep everyone happy! For podcast subscription links and more info, head on over to the Daft Souls page.

Daft Souls: CS: After Dark, Undertale, Loot & Legends, The Taken King

This week's it's another two-man special: Matt and Quinns bumping nut-to-nut in an audio arena for your listening pleasure. Quinns talks about the After Dark expansion for Cities Skylines, which naturally leads to helicopters and Phil Collins.  The Taken King gets a chunk of love, as does the wonderfully different Undertale.  Finally - Matt feels a bit conflicted about Loot & Legends (an iOS semi-remake of the excellent Card Hunter, which is still up and running and arguably a bit better providing you aren't hell-bent on playing on an iPad while you eat too many biscuits).

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