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Something for the Weekend: 3rd Feb 2017

Thanks for joining us on our first two weeks back with Cool Ghosts! The idea is that you’ll see what we’ve had over the past two weeks repeated FOR INFINITY or let’s be honest until we decide to change something, or realise it’s a bit too much to keep on top of. It's proving tricky to both have a job and keep my wife well-supplied with fresh soup. We’ll see how we go! Thanks again for your support though, everyone. It means a ton.

I’ve got a few things I’m keen to try this weekend, but to be perfectly honest it’s been a synapse-frying week. Highly likely that the next few days will see me playing Kingdom Rush on the iPad a bunch, and trying to work out if Fire Emblem: Heroes is decent or just more manipulative guff. So far it seems like a lovely bit of fun, but there are so many economies swirling around that it seems impossible to work out what the deal is before you’re already in WAY TOO DEEP. Ladies and gentlemen: Mobile Phone Games! On a positive note though, I'm currently just loving that your characters can die all the time without that being an issue. As much as I love perma-death, I've never felt it worked too well with that series.

After talking about it a bit on this week’s Daft Souls I’m still floating, kicking, falling and (occasionally) swearing my way through Gravity Rush 2. There are so many areas where this sequel stumbles, and it represents an utter disinterest in reforming the 2012 handheld original. But when you’re free-falling through the clouds, or skidding horizontally across the side of a skyscraper, it slaps a smile on your face like an industrial Japanese smile-slapping machine. Expect a video from me just as soon as I can begin to put together the 100 piece jigsaw that is my verdict.

Do let us know what you’ve got planned for this weekend, and remember that if you’re at a loose end at any point in any day, the Cool Ghosts discord channel is a lovely place to be.


Posted on February 3, 2017 .

Something For The Weekend - 5th August 2016

Hello! Just Matt here this week, as Quinns is off exploring GenCon for Shut Up & Sit Down. As you may well have noticed over the last month or so, things have been very quiet on both websites. Sad news I'm afraid, but as and when we're able things will carry on AS IF ALMOST NORMAL - partially for the benefit of you guys, but mostly as a method of keeping me sane. For the past week I've managed little more than endlessly playing Monster Hunter Generations (my favourite new monster is "Big Bubble Boy" - pictured above). Oh boy what a fun time! I've fallen head over heels for a dual-blade aerial build; we're running away to start a new life; you can keep the kids.

Finally this week, it's worth pointing out that whilst the STUFF side of the website has stumbled into a prickly bush, the other half of what makes Cool Ghosts brill is happily continuing: The community are putting together a casual Street Fighter V tournament this weekend -  pop over here to say hello, sign up, and find out more details when they materialise.

And before I sign off one final, vital question: what are you guys playing this weekend?

Posted on August 5, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend - 8th July 2016

I've uncharacteristically got a bit of free time this weekend, so I'm confident I’ll be able to finish INSIDE. Despite the critical acclaim I approached it sceptically: Limbo sent a lot of people loco at the time, but other than that bit with the terrifying spider I largely found it to be good rather than great. Seems like they've really nailed the style/substance ratio this time, and my word is this game a stylish game - trailers don't nearly do it justice, as video compression on sites like YouTube take away so much of the subtle, exact toning that makes the stark environments pop into life. It's bringing up a whole bunch of feelings that I haven't felt since playing Half Life 2. Gosh, basically.

I've got INSIDE (all caps! crikey) downloaded and ready to go too, but I'm actually having real trouble tearing myself away from XCOM 2. You guys might recall my apocalyptic grumpiness when that game first came out, but I'm thrilled to say that playing it now, with no less and two-dozen recommended mods and all of the DLC, it's finally a phenomenal piece of work. I've also been eyeing up Street Fighter V again, which has just enjoyed the addition of two more characters. Contender Season 2, anybody?

And what have you lot got planned for the weekend?

Posted on July 8, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend: 24th June 2016


Apologies for using a photo of Britain for the header image this week instead of art from a fun videogame, but it's been a bit of a tumultuous week. After our nation decided to crash the economy so that Boris Johnson could have a cool job, it's been a bit difficult to think about games. It's also been difficult to play any games, as the magic box in my building that does electricity exploded last night. (EXPLOSIONS!)

I spent last night eating melting lemon sorbet by the light of a candle, and awoke to find Britain covered in poo in a flat with no electricity or hot water. Honestly, I can't gripe - it's impeccably thematic. Importantly though, life continues! Tomorrow me and Chris Bratt will be live-streaming Dark Souls III: Pants Man from the Eurogamer offices, because they have electricity and are lovely people. If you'd like to donate to our charity event you can do so here, and if you're near London and fancy watching it with other people - go to Stratford's Loading Bar. 10% of the bar spend will go to charity, so if you're in the mood to drink drinks and peopleize with people - which is wholly understandable - it's a pretty good place to do it. Finally, I adore the fact that a local newspaper has taken my claim of playing Dark Souls till I'm exhausted as a literal, quotable fact. Small pleasures.

JOY. In other news of fiction becoming reality, I am enacting the joke at the end of our Subnautica video and playing still more of the current build instead of waiting for them to finish the darn thing. I’m in love. And speaking of love (and sex, and sex work) I’m absolutely loving the commercial release of VA-11 Hall-A. It keeps making me laugh, making me think and I can’t wait to squeal about it on the next Daft Souls. It’s also available on Steam, but buying it on will give the devs a little bit more of your cash.

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Something For The Weekend - 10th June 2016

At the start of this week I greedily dived into Hearts of Iron IV. I've always meant to investigate this series, with its dedicated simulationist approach to World War 2, endless knobs to twiddle and plans that you sit on and hatch like the chicken at the end of the world. Well, I don't mean to alarm anyone but holy smokes, I was not ready for the amount of knobs present. I'm desperate to play it further but I ended up playing Steamworld Heist all instead, and planning to return when I'm feeling a bit more capable.

This week I finally dipped my toes into Subnautica, which immediately grabbed me in a way I honestly wasn't expecting - such an irresistible sense of magic, tempered with a healthy gulp of fear. Torn now between playing more, or waiting until the game is closer to being finished. For now though, SteamWorld Heist has me for the third time - looking forward to playing through it all again with the Outsider DLC installed. And finally - after a few weeks of failing to click - I'm now really enjoying playing Overwatch. It seems the trick for me was to play it on PS4 instead of PC - the pace feels less frantic, the players are less skilled, there's far more space to enjoy the bright colours. 

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Posted on June 10, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend - 3rd June 2016

Hello! This weekend we're both at the UK Games Expo in not-actually-Birmingham-to-be-honest, playing games and kissing hands and shaking babies for Shut Up & Sit Down. Time for videogames is hugely unlikely, but on the train I've been playing Pocket Card Jockey! Tiny horses! Tiny cards! My main horse is called SAUSAGE FACTORY. If you're hankering to read us talking about games, check out this piece about Monster Hunter I wrote for Kotaku. It's nice!

I'm not playing any vidya games this weekend, but I did manage to poke the latest build of Subnautica this week and my word! It's quite the thing. I'd say it's worth buying for the opening 10 seconds alone, when it spawns you standing on a life raft in the middle of an ocean that you then have to climb into, but that would be a lie Still, it's absolutely great fun, and now I've got another survival-alike together with The Long Dark that I can't wait to leave early access.

How about you guys? What are you up to this weekend?

Posted on June 3, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend - 27th May 2016

I’m still recovering from the terrifyingly sober Funwraith hangout that occurred last night. We laughed, we argued, we had a lovely time. Thanks so much to those of you who joined us! We’re still knee-deep in beautiful guts of our recently relaunched Shut Up & Sit Down, so I’ve not had much time to play games this week. So yeah, this weekend I’m still about Duskers. Holy gosh it’s good. So, so good. Expect us to stop banging on about it shortly, but not until after next Monday’s Daft Souls.

My fiancée’s leaving for a month-long stint in America next week, which means I can soon look forward to a werewolf-like transformation back into a single bachelor. My main video game news is that I’m now planning a list of games to finish in that time. So far I’ve got Undertale, Kentucky Route Zero and Her Story. This weekend, though? I’m planning a casual excursion into Subnautica. Sploosh!

What are you guys up to? This weekend the Cool Ghosts community are planning to take advantage of Vermintide being free to play on Steam - if you fancy joining in, say hello over here!

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Something For The Weekend - 20th May 2016

(To the tune of Just A Little by Liberty X)

The full game is out now and it’s on Steam 
A spooky sim about robo-ots
It’s really hitting my spot,
Oh yeah, yeah.
And it is really good,
You should buy this game 'coz it just thirteen quid,
I just want to buy great games,
And this one’s honestly great,
Oh baby, won't you...

Pilot some robots,
Get scared,
Just a little,
Through derelicts,
Just a little bit more (Just a little bit)
Explore just a little bit more (Just a little)

JUST A LIIIIITTTLE BIT MOOOOORE. Gosh, I can’t follow that - but I can chip in to say that yes, Duskers is evidently hot-to-trot and not to be missed. But now, for some important news - the next Live Q&A Hangout-Thing will take place at 10pm UK time on Thursday the 26th of May, and after months of planning and tweaking and stuff, the brand new version of Shut Up & Sit Down is finally live and in the wild.

What does this mean for you? It means an official Cool Ghosts forum where you can hang out and talk about videogames, regardless of what the weather is like. Join up, say hello, marvel at the new perma-link at the top of the websitethat will take you to a place where pink and orange can link arms and sing.

I’m off to Manchester to try on a suit for most of this weekend, so I’ll have to leave playing games in the capable hands of you. So you - yes, you - what are you up to, exactly? Hm?

Posted on May 20, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend - 13th May 2016

Today I decided to spin up Stellaris - I can’t tell if I actually like it that much, but somehow sank 7 hours into it regardless. I should probably stay away from 4X games, especially after having such similar feelings about the critically-lauded Endless Legend. On the off-chance that my weekend doesn’t somehow devolve into clicking on space things forever and ever, I really ought to go and finish Wolfenstein - I can’t recall the last time I played a mainstream game quite so strange.

Doom’s out! Not that I’ll be playing it. I contented myself with watching a playthrough of the first 15 minutes, occasionally saying things like “Ooh,” “Hmm,” and “Ew.” Having now freed up my weekend, I’ve decided I’m going to spend my Saturday journeying to a very rare cheese burger, and on Sunday I’m hunting down Hitman’s first Elusive Target

What are you guys playing?

Posted on May 13, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend - 6th May 2016

We’ve had a selection of people pop onto Daft Souls to talk about the fun they’ve been having with Overwatch, and finally this weekend we can actually play it - the Cool Ghosts community have chosen to make it their weekend game, so if you want to play with LOVELY BUDS this Sunday evening, pop over and say hello over here. I might have a quick poke around with it myself, although I’ve unexpectedly found myself back playing Wolfenstein - more chat about that on next week’s podcast.

I’m still spending my evenings in scandalous company (often with a glass of mushroom wine) in Fallen London, and I’m having fun prodding the new early access build of Parkitect, but for this weekend I’m on the lookout for something more substantial. My fiancée’s returned to Metal Gear Solid 5 this week and I’ve been enviously watching her espionage antics, so I suspect I’ll brush off my own save file too. It’s such a stunning game.

What are you guys up to?

Posted on May 6, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend - 29th April 2016

BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND isn’t a phrase that means much when you’re a self-employed octopus, so I’ll be spending a chunk of it flailing around trying to write something funny for Monday’s live Regular Features show. But I also have wild aspirations to sit on my bum and play video games. This week’s recording of Daft Souls (out next Monday) had Quinns getting turbo-jazzed about Hitman’s new level and Fallen London. I think I’ll try and poke around with one of those! If you’re free tomorrow and fancy some fun, the Cool Ghosts community is planning to take advantage of a free weekend of Duck Game on Steam. It has a dedicated quack button. I mean, I’m not sure what else you really need to know?

Guile hits Street Fighter V today, so I’ll be finding an hour to explore his fabulous muscles and still-more fabulous hair. He’s stood out as the single most boring character in previous games, but for this iteration he’s got all sorts of weird new abilities. We’re getting the game’s first new downloadable stage, too! Besides that, I’ll be Hitmanning it up. The realisation that unlocks in each area can be taken into all other areas has made me incredibly excited to do up my crappy red tie, get some ridiculous kills and walk very slowly out of the level with nobody paying attention to me. That’s the most important part.

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Something For The Weekend - 22nd April 2016


This week I've been playing Fallen London, the delightfully chewy and intoxicating text-based RPG that Sunless Sea was based on. The new iOS client launched this week, and it's a perfect fit. Now I can seduce artists and get in fights with golems from the comfort of my toilet. But my god, The Banner Saga 2 is out! I should play that! What kind of a narrative fan would I be if I didn't play that?

Irritatingly I played the first Banner Saga on iPad, which I've since deleted - so I reckon I'm shafted when it comes to importing a save into the sequel! As much as I loved the tone and writing of the original, it didn't do a great job of making the economic choices feel meaningful and the whole thing ended when it was JUST HEATING UP. I'd love to jump back in to exactly where my story left off, but perhaps I've fluffed up my ability to do that! HO HUM.

Still, I've got plenty on my plate! I'm mostly just hopping between Ratchet & Clank and Dark Souls 3, meandering through both without any real momentum. It's been a long week, so I'm planning to have a very chilled time!

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Posted on April 22, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend - 15th April 2016

BUNKER PUNKS! BUNKER PUNKS! I don’t know how much of my talking about Bunker Punks is purely because I enjoy saying Bunker Punks, but I’m pretty sure it’s ace. If Devil Daggers didn’t completely sate your desire for highwire 1990s-style first-personly shootems, Bunker Punks is a fine purchase.

Mostly though, I’ll be drilling Street Fighter V. We’re in the final furlong of The Contender now. I’m either going to crack the top 10% of ranked players next week, or not at all.

I’m knees deep in Dark Souls 3 whilst looking rather longingly at Ratchet and Clank, hoping to dabble in a bit of both over the next few days. Oh, and Enter The Gungeon! We appear to be having a shockingly strong year. Top-tier thanks to all of the Funwraiths who joined us on last night’s live Q&A stream - if you want to watch just over an hour of me and Quinns being half-cut and candid, that’s certainly a thing that you can do.

Finally, a shout out to the fine folks of the Cool Ghosts community who have combined forces to take part in this weekend’s Ludum Dare. If you want to know how they’re getting on - or simply feel the need to shower them with encouragement - you can do so over on the Cool Ghosts Discord channel.

What are you guys up to this weekend?


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Something For The Weekend - 1st April 2016

Happy April Fuels day everyone! Today I’m celebrating my favourite fuel. I hate to seem CRUDE, but yes - it’s oil! Oil, eh? What a fuel! It’s a liquid that burns? Seems unlikely! This weekend I’m doing my very best to finish up with Bloodborne so I can start Dark Souls 3. I’m confident, I’ve got a very large, sharp, serrated spinny-thing, and basically everything is going to be fine. As we’re on the topic of LIES and SOULS, I feel I’d be remiss not to remind everyone of this silly thing and this one too. Finally, an important notice that our next live hangout will be on the 14th of April at 10pm UK time - apologies it’s so delayed, it’s been a busy month!

I had an amazing time this week playing with Cool Ghosts’ resident street fighters, duking it out with the best of them. Unfortunately the best of them turned out to be a bit too best, causing me to return to my training with some psychological bruises and a renewed vigor. Other than that I played some Hyper Light Drifter, and while I love the aesthetics and audio the game didn’t do a great deal for me. Although I did like that the protagonist vomits occasionally. Lovely stuff!

What are you lot up to this weekend? The CG community are planning to play a bit of Rocket League - if you're interested in joining in then pop over here and say hello!

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Something From The Weekend: 21st March 2016

We had a ludicrously intense week at GDC! We played board games with lovely people, poked a tiny handful of video games, and drastically failed to get very much sleep. Expect a quiet one on Cool Ghosts this week - we need a few days to recalibrate the neurons. Sadly we failed to account for just how busy we’d end up being, which means no episode of Daft Souls today.

BUT: instead, you can hear me on the latest Eurogamer podcast (which features many who’ve appeared on Daft Souls in the past), as well as this special hour-long video podcast thing about diversity, community, and other things that play a vital part in the future of games media. It was hosted by the excellent Danny O’Dwyer, and I was joined by two brilliant chaps I’d never met before: Kahlief Adams and Shareef Jackson of Spawn on Me - a great podcast that I’m checking out right flipping now.

I have genuine anxiety at the prospect of playing Street Fighter in front of sensei Ian tomorrow as (a) I haven’t played Street Fighter V for a week and (b) my nerves are shredded to the level of coleslaw. I watched Creed on the plane home to get hype for my training but ended up crying for about 50% of it.

No video games on the cards today. Instead I am going to climb under a blanket and watch a nice anime. Tomorrow, though, I’ll be checking out Hitman. Which of you would like a video on the best level from each Hitman game, and what design lessons we can learn from them? That’s a project I’d love to start working on…

What have you lot been enjoying this weekend?

Posted on March 21, 2016 .