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SS2: Episode 2 - Lost & Frowned

Posted on November 1, 2016 .

Something For The Weekend - 8th July 2016

I've uncharacteristically got a bit of free time this weekend, so I'm confident I’ll be able to finish INSIDE. Despite the critical acclaim I approached it sceptically: Limbo sent a lot of people loco at the time, but other than that bit with the terrifying spider I largely found it to be good rather than great. Seems like they've really nailed the style/substance ratio this time, and my word is this game a stylish game - trailers don't nearly do it justice, as video compression on sites like YouTube take away so much of the subtle, exact toning that makes the stark environments pop into life. It's bringing up a whole bunch of feelings that I haven't felt since playing Half Life 2. Gosh, basically.

I've got INSIDE (all caps! crikey) downloaded and ready to go too, but I'm actually having real trouble tearing myself away from XCOM 2. You guys might recall my apocalyptic grumpiness when that game first came out, but I'm thrilled to say that playing it now, with no less and two-dozen recommended mods and all of the DLC, it's finally a phenomenal piece of work. I've also been eyeing up Street Fighter V again, which has just enjoyed the addition of two more characters. Contender Season 2, anybody?

And what have you lot got planned for the weekend?

Posted on July 8, 2016 .

XCOM 2 In Detail: How Much Has Changed?

We are BACK. It is the year TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN. Now that you've enjoyed those two hot facts, let's jump into January with something truly meaty - a 25 minute exploration of everything that's exciting and new about the design of XCOM 2. I wanted to make something that was packed full of detail  without actually spoiling any specifics in the game, so it's basically just me talking straight into your face with broad strokes and a very large grin.

Are you planning to make time for XCOM 2 this February?

Posted on January 7, 2016 and filed under One Off.