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COGWATCH #7: Duskers' Interface!

Great news, everyone! Earlier this year Rock, Paper, Shotgun commissioned Cogwatch, an in-depth analysis of individual game mechanics. Think of it like a deep dive into the narrowest of spaces. I'm really proud of series 1 of Cogwatch, and if this is your kind of thing you should totally visit it using the above link.

Today, I'm happy to be continuing Cogwatch on Cool Ghosts with RPS' permission! We kick off with fantastic early access game Duskers.  A game of falling in love with adorable robots and accidentally catapulting them into space.

Oh! And if the devil faces and candy corn icons seem a little out of place, that's just developer Tim Keenan's goofy Halloween update. Those'll be gone by the time you play it.

Posted on November 19, 2015 and filed under One Off.