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Daft Souls: Downwell, Life is Strange, Tales from the Borderlands, Steam Controller, Chesh

Matt and Joe swing about podcast town with a variety of topics this week. Matt has some final spoiler-free things to say about  Undertale, while Joe has things to say about  Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands. The Steam Controller seems like a damp squib, but both chaps are very impressed by Downwell. The reactions to Chesh are best heard live. 

For podcast subscription links and more info, head on over to the Daft Souls page. As promised, you'll find a place to ask questions there later this week.

Something for the Weekend: 24th October 2015

I finished Undertale earlier in the week, and it left an impression that it’s somehow felt callous to fill - so in the meantime I’ve been back in Destiny, chipping away at the latest raid at a truly glacial pace. My spoiler-free thoughts on Undertale will be in Daft Souls next week, and I think it’s pretty likely that I’ll also have a spoiler-y video about it next Thursday. If you haven’t finished it already, I’d do so - the middle is saggy, but it’s really worth persevering with. Don't be afraid to use Google if you're stuck.

Having seen that the finale is getting BIG THUMBS, I’m keen to jump in and try Life is Strange - but again, might need a bit of a break from 2015’s Melancho-co-co-COMBO! Oh, and I almost finished the new Destiny raid and got myself some SHOES and a GUN.

HOT BEANS! Leigh and I have mostly been playing couple-y games this week. Leigh’s become a quite a professional bomb disposal expert in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, only rarely lapsing into terrified, unintelligible shouts. We’ve also been working through Pandemic Legacy together, which isn’t a video game, but is amazing.

Aside from that, I keep prodding Downwell. I think I might be getting good at it? I don’t know. I turned 29 years old this week. Downwell’s probably not for me anymore.

What games are you playing this weekend, everybody? And do they fit your age category?

EULA Surfers: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Downwell, Mushroom 11

The October edition of EULA Surfers is here, telling you all about the best and brightest new releases on Steam!

Lots to be excited about here. Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesThe Beginner's Guide, Downwell, Mushroom 11, Cities Skylines: After Dark, Else Heart.Break(), Hacknet and Quadrilateral Cowboy! Which isn't out yet, but Quinns wishes it was.