How To Get A Free Air Conditioner In 2024

Get a free air conditioner to help you through the sharp and hot months of late spring and summer with the help of government assistance programs and local charities nationwide. Check your eligibility by reading this brief guide and start applying early to increase your chances of getting a free air conditioner for your house!

Free Air Conditioner

Free Air Conditioner – Is It Possible?

Yes, getting a completely free air conditioner is possible. There are about 3 to 4 federal and state government assistance programs that offer free air conditioners to low-income households all over the country.

Apart from this, many nonprofit organizations, religious institutions, Craigslist donors, etc, can provide you with air conditioners at no or negligible cost – sometimes with up to 60% to 90% discount!

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Society Of Saint Vincent De Paul

This nonprofit charity organization offers accessible air conditioning units to low-income families and individuals and, most importantly, to medical patients and differently-abled adults living in the United States.

This International NGO has also helped several households outside the national border. The society only offers one air conditioning unit to one family. The organization does not ask you to be enrolled in any other government assistance program; all you need is ID proof.

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When To Apply

  • You have suitable ID proof and documents listing the total household income.
  • You are willing to appear for an interview.
  • A total of two applications at most are considered from each household.

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HEAP Program – Cooling Assistance Benefit

This is perhaps one of the most reliable and systematic assistance programs for air conditioning and heating in subsidized homes in the United States. Federal and State Governments completely covered the cost of the air conditioning unit, repair, and installation. 

In some conditions, an installation fee of 800 USD or less might be charged. Only one air conditioning system is provided to one household. If the living conditions are unsuitable for an air conditioner, a fan is installed instead. Homes that do have air conditioners that are older than 5 years and do not work anymore can also apply.

When To Apply

  • Your total household income is less than the income guidelines.
  • Your household receives SNAP, SSI Living Alone, TA, or other eligible assistance programs.
  • All members of the household must be citizens of the nation.
  • You received a Regular Benefit of 21 USD or more.
  • You did not receive HEAP in the last five years.

Energy Star Tax Credit

As a part of the Energy Star Tax Credits approach to providing free air conditioners to low-income families in 2023, applicants receive discounts between 50 USD to 300 USD and, in exceptional cases, even 500 USD. The financial assistance for your air conditioning system is calculated, and the taxes paid over the year are deducted to give you a grant.

As the name suggests, this program tallies your credits from the past and uses them to get you a free air conditioner. Even people above the poverty income guidelines can use this tax rebate program to get up to a 10% discount on their conditioner. With this assistance, you can receive HVAC air conditioners with the Energy Star.

When To Apply

  • Have a total household income below the recommended poverty income guidelines in your state.
  • Have been an efficient energy-saving consumer, earning authentic energy stars from tax filings.

Church Giveaways

Local church communities are always ready to help and sometimes have charity money set aside for the assistance of church members. Depending on the specific religious organization, you can also approach these churches even if you are not an active member. If the church has nothing for you now, it might ask the community to contribute or refer you to another local organization. Most churches are open to all, even to people with different faiths.

When To Apply

  • Any household with no air conditioning system can approach any local church.
  • Maintain sensitivity towards the requirements and expectations of the church.

Weatherization Assistance Program

Another systematic government assistance program offered by the US Department of Energy is the Weatherization Assistance Program. It is eligible for individuals from all low-income homes. If you are looking for a government program that is incredibly simple and only takes 20 to 30 minutes to apply, this is the one you should go for. 

When To Apply

  • If you are a citizen of the particular state that you live in.
  • Have an income 20% below the recommended income guidelines.
  • Have received SSI or SSI Living Alone aid in the past.

Thrift Stores

Admittedly, this is a rather unconventional method for getting your air conditioning system ready before the summer arrives. Most thrift stores do not offer 100% discount, although some owners might do that if they see you in an unfortunate condition and have unused air conditioning systems. Either way, you can receive massive discounts even if you purchase. Most of the models available in these stores are not the newest, and repair assistance is mostly unavailable; on the flip side, you will not need any documentation to get this assistance.

When To Apply

  • Some thrift stores might ask for ID proof; otherwise, this is the most anonymous way of purchasing air conditioning models. It is suitable for many who don’t want to get documented assistance at present.


There are many ways of applying for and even winning the chance of being awarded an air conditioner for your home and household. Most of these programs also offer assistance in setting up and repairing any further issues – an amazing assistance for first-time users. These machines mostly come in great condition but do not hesitate to contact the provider in case you run into any problems. 

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