Free Cars for Single Moms

It is tough and excruciating for single moms to give a quality life to kids. They have to balance their professional and personal lives and give extra care to kids.

Not many single moms can afford many things, and one of them is a car to drive their kids to school or the close by stores.

Many government and non-profit organizations schemes can help you acquire free cars for single moms or help in purchasing the vehicle at the best price. The grants are offered to single moms belonging to low-income families.

Free Cars for Single Moms

Free Car Programs

There are a lot of free cars for single moms programs offered by governments, charities, and non-profit groups to help the needs of single moms.

You can check out the free car programs and apply for the one in case you meet the eligibility criteria to get the car and get the independence to lead a quality life. These grants are given to single moms to own a car.

Temporary assistance for needy families (TANF)

TANF US government program is run by the Office of Family Assistance (OFA). It aims to help families who are financially weak and help them attain economic stability.

Single mothers can apply for assistance from TANF that covers food, housing, transportation, utilities, and clothing. However, this program does not assist in buying a car explicitly, but they can use the money to address their transportation needs.

This helps them to get grants to buy a car. It is good to contact the local welfare agency to help you apply for TANF assistance.

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It is a non-profit organization that will give free cars to single moms and low-income families to make them self-sufficient. The organization primarily helps single moms obtain a vehicle.

It gets donations from different people and organizations and uses that money to distribute free vehicles, auto repairs, travel, and transportation for single moms.

It strongly believes that giving away automobiles to single moms can improve their status and help them drop their kids at school and take care of them during medical emergencies.

The single mom should be nominated to get the free car on this site.

1-800-charity cars

The 1-800-charity cars are known as free charity cars. It is a non-profit organization that distributes vehicles to single moms and people with low incomes. The main goal of this charity is to provide free cars to low-income families and make them self-sufficient.

It runs the largest car donation program in the country. The 84% of donations the charity gets will be given to buy and distribute automobiles. It not only works for the welfare of single moms or low-income families but also helps military families and victims of domestic violence.

Working cars for working families

It is a car ownership program that helps low-wage workers buy a car which can be new or used. It is run in the US and only eligible people will get support from this organization. To check if you are eligible to take part in this program, you can visit the website for the criteria and check if this is offered in your area.

Cars 4 Christmas

It is a non-profit organization that is working towards offering free transportation to people with low income.

As per the website, the organization gets used cars from different people, which are donated to the needy. They do not sell any of them. In case the car they get is not worth hitting the road, then they sell the car and use the amount to repair the cars with them.

You can apply for the car if you are a single mom on their website and fill in the required information. The information you submit will be retained on the site for three years. You will get a call or email if you win the car.

The organization mainly works to donate vehicles to single moms, people with disabilities, homeless people, and military families.

When you apply for a vehicle on the site, the organization will go through the application and see who is the best one to get the benefit of a car. You have to mention your needs for the vehicle while filling out the form. If you are eligible for the car, you will be contacted.

Vehicles for change

The non-profit organization was started way back in 1999 and has so far distributed 6500 cars to families who need vehicles and cannot afford them.

The group aims to distribute cars to low-income families and to single moms who want to be independent. Only families living in Michigan, Maryland, and Virginia are eligible to take part in this program.

To get the car, you must meet the basic requirements, such as having a job, owning insurance, and not having a car.


If you or someone in your family has served your country as a fireman, cop, or paramedic, then you can apply for a free car through Cars4Heroes.

Cars4Heroes receives vehicles in donation and repairs them to get them in good working condition.

Good News Garage

Good News Garage also receives vehicles as a donation and then inspects them. Cars are provided to local families in need, and they also offer the donor’s tax deductions and free towing.

Most of the families supported by Good News Garage are single parents that wants to help provide good for their families and childrens.

Newgate School Wheels For Women

Newgate School Wheels For Women is a program dedicated to providing reliable transportation help for single mothers. Newgate School provides vehicles to single moms in Mississippi, Minnesota.

Donated vehicles are thoroughly inspected and refurbished and then provided through the Wheels for Women program as their way of giving back to the community.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Cars Program

Both the non-profit organizations and governments would determine the eligibility of a person to get a car based on various factors such as financial status, need for the car, education status, and family circumstances.

It is important for the applicants, especially single moms who are applying for the free car to mention the transportation challenges they are facing every day to drop off kids or while going to work or running for daily errands. In most cases, the priority would be given to single moms, domestic violence victims or individuals who have employment and their workplace is far away from their place and cannot afford to buy a car.

You must provide the documents with substantial proof of your financial status while applying for a free car and the need for transportation. The documents you submit should include pay stubs, tax returns or basic statements, residency proof and documentation of job training or other qualifying certificates.

A few of the organizations that are offering free cars for single moms also request personal references detailing the challenges they are facing and how the car grant they get will help them overcome these challenges. After reviewing the references, documents submitted and eligibility criteria, the government and non-profit organizations decide whom to provide the grant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do we have any free car programs for single moms?

Yes, there are many free car programs available for single moms to get grants to buy a car or get a used car to overcome their transportation obstacles.

  1. How to get free cars for single moms in our area?

You have to look for the non-profit organizations and charities that are offering free car programs in your area or get in touch with the local social service agencies to get information about the organizations offering such.

  1. What are the eligibility criteria to get a free car for single moms?

The eligibility criteria that a single mom should meet to get a grant to buy a new car or a used car are employment status, financial status, and job status.


It is challenging for a person to be a single parent. You have to sustain yourself and meet the needs of your kids and their education. The government has started many free cars for single moms. Having their car may not solve all the problems of a single mom yet it makes them self-sufficient to pick up their kids from home and have access to all essential services with ease.

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