How To Get Free Welfare Gas Cards

Gas is necessary for everyone who owns a vehicle to run daily errands, drop kids at school, or go to the workplace.

In the past few years, the gas prices have been skyrocketing making it tough for people to afford in the US. The gas price per gallon has reached $3.83. This price is also expected to increase going forward. With this high price, it is not easy for low-income families to afford a car, and so is the gas price.

To help low-income group families, the government and non-profit companies have started to issue vouchers and Free Gas Cards.

free gas cards

What Is A Gas Voucher Or Card?

A Gas voucher or card is provided as assistance to low-income families to help cover the cost of gasoline or fuel for their vehicles.

Gas vouchers are issued by Government, Non-Profit Organizations, or charitable organizations to support families in need of financial assistance.

A Gas card can be used at gas stations to pay for fuel, helping them maintain access to essential services.

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Where To Get Free Gas Cards?

Many organizations offer gas assistance to unemployed people, disabled, low-income group families or families that are living on government assistance programs. However, to apply for vouchers or Free Welfare Gas Cards, you need to go through a referral agency. This agency fills out the application form and does the rest of the process to get the gas card.

Free Gas USA Inc.

Free Gas USA Inc. is a Non-Profit organization that will offer gas grants to people who belong to low income families and find it challenging to afford gas to ride to the grocery store, drop kids to school, and go to the workplace.

Through this program, these people get gas cards that cover the expenses of gas ranging from USD 50 to USD 1200. However, you can only apply for Free Welfare Gas Cards if you meet the following eligible criteria:

  • Applicant should be above 18 years of age
  • Applicant must be a resident of the US
  • Applicants should own a vehicle and license. Apart from this, the vehicle owner should have insurance coverage.
  • Applicants must fulfill the income criteria in this program.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army operates in different states across the US and distributes toys, food, furniture, and other resources required for low-income families. They distribute these free and needy items to households irrespective of their religion and their background.

In addition to vouchers and gas cards, the organization will also offer transportation assistance. The organization also gives financial aid to students to go to school, get quick doctor appointments, and attend job interviews.

Only a few people are chosen to give these Free Gas Cards benefits. They should submit the income proofs along with the application. With many people and limited resources, only a few get the gas vouchers every month.

Non-Emergency Transportation (NET)

If you receive government assistance benefits, you are eligible to get a gas card. You can avail this for non-emergency transportation to visit the doctor when you have a medical appointment.

Many people find it challenging to take their kids to doctors due to the increase in fuel prices. Having Medicaid insurance will help you get non-emergency transportation benefits.

However, you will be eligible for this only when you call the number provided behind the Medicaid card and inform the representative that you want to apply for this program.

The Medicaid recipients who get complete coverage are eligible for this non-emergency transportation benefit.

For this, you need the Medicaid card, the telephone number of a doctor, and the next appointment date to process the request. Once your application is approved, you get the debit card through the mail. When you attend the medical appointment, the debit card gets credited with the travel expenses you have borne.

You will have to pay for the transportation for three months to get the refund on your debit card. It is good to keep money in your Free Welfare Gas Cards to use for your next medical appointment transportation expenses. Many Non-Profit organizations are also offering gas cards and vouchers which can be used to pay for gas expenses.

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St.Vincent De Paul

It is a global organization that offers you financial help in buying gasoline. It is only offered to people who meet the eligibility criteria. If you have a low income, you are eligible to get the gas benefit. The individuals who get the gas card can use this card while going to job interviews. However, the organization not only offers gas cards but also helps in housing, food, prison reentry, and thrift stores.

Catholic charities

There are over 3621 stores globally. The charity store offers free food, clothing, and shelter to the needy and homeless people. They also offer gas vouchers, disaster relief and financial help to pay the rent and bills to the people who are eligible for it. If you do not have a gas card, then you can visit the organizations that offer you this card in your area.

211 program

You can dial 211 to get financial help in the US in any of the states you are in. The 211 offers help in various ways like re-entry programs to previous prisoners, addiction treatment, and veteran support. In case they cannot help you out with the program, they will direct you to the right organization that can help you. They offer welfare gas cards and food and healthcare support required. You can check their website to find the essential needs they are offering.


The organization will give Free Welfare Gas Cards to unemployed individuals when they take part in online surveys, watch videos, do shopping online and so on. They get up to USD 5 off on fuel. Gift cards are also issued to them, which they can redeem to get free fuel.


Many organizations that are listed in this article will provide you with free gas cards provided you meet the eligibility requirements. These are mostly given to low-income group families. You can apply to one or more programs and receive gas card assistance that pays for your gas expenses.

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