Free Laptops for Low Income Families

Are you looking for digital assistance in the form of free laptops from the government that can connect you to the digital world? In the last few years, hundreds of households across the country have benefited from discounted internet connections and free devices that have been provided by the government or non profit organizations to low income families.The federal government believes that every household should have at least one device with Internet connection so that they can access legitimate information, take part in educational and job opportunities, start businesses to become self-sufficient etc. let us look at five organizations that provide this help all year round.

Free Laptop for Low Income Family

4 Top Organizations to Approach for A Free Laptop for Low Income Families

The process of applying for a free laptop is simple. Check the eligibility criteria carefully, and if you match the requirements, get your documents digitally scanned. Now go on the official website and fill out your application form while uploading these documents. Submit your application form and wait for review – that’s it!

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1. ACP Program

Bright to the forefront by the federal government, the Human-IT ACP program follows a strict application process that includes families to produce proof of income, proof of residence, government ID etc. The Affordable Connectivity Program also needs applicants to be recipes of other government benefits like SNAP. Even if you don’t qualify for a completely free device, the program will provide you with sufficient discounts or a subsidized internet connection. 

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2. Salvation Army

An International initiative to help families with low incomes, Salvation Army offers a number of donated laptops to individuals who apply. Those who are struggling to pay basic utility bills and procure good quality food are naturally given precedence by this organization. Low income students, single mothers and the elderly also receive help on a top priority basis.

3. Computer with Causes

This is a National level non profit organization that can give out free devices on a routinely basis. Similar to Salvation Army they are rather flexible with their criterias and you can still reach out to them through your application and a personalized letter when you don’t qualify for the devices but still really need it. The only thing that Computer with Causes does is conduct a background check on the applicant. 

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4. Freecycle 

Through this program, households that have a spare laptop that nobody is using can donate the device for those with lesser fortunate circumstances. Freecycle will then repair and refurbish the device and reward you with it. You can also directly approach the individual donating the laptop through the ‘Browse our Boards option’. If the laptop is in working condition you can take it from them right away.


While acquiring free laptops for low-income families may require diligent research, application and periods of waiting, most government programs and non profits do provide genuine long term assistance. Households can increase their chances of getting a free laptop by focusing on those programs with whose eligibility criteria they can completely relate. Thanks to these programs, families can access the latest technology in the form of internet forums, social media and advanced softwares that are needed in today’s world to enhance their overall quality of life.

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