How To Get Free Beds And Mattress For Low-Income Families

Only some people from the low-income group will have beds and mattresses for sound and peaceful sleep. The charities and many communities are critical in supplying the needful to these people. They are distributing Free mattresses and beds to people in need.

The assistance is helpful for adults who need good sleep. You can find organizations that distribute free beds to socioeconomically disadvantaged groups to prevent them from suffering from poor-quality sleep.

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Organizations That Give Away Beds For Free

Every family who earns low income finds it difficult to make ends meet. Having a soft and cozy mattress is a blessing for all. Non-profit organizations are freely giving away beds and mattresses to families who cannot afford them. We have listed those organizations here:

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St.Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

It is an organization that is distributing free beds. However, low-income families must demonstrate their condition to qualify for free beds and furniture. You have to apply with supporting financial documents and personal identification.

Once the application is approved, the eligible people can choose the items they want from the thrift store. The store will provide a voucher. You can redeem this voucher to buy the Free Mattress. There are some eligibility criteria that you must meet to get the available items.

Furniture for Families

The referral forms will be submitted to the Human or social service agency. The form decides whether or not the person is eligible to get the Free Mattress or not. When you submit the form, an FFF number is generated.

After this, a caseworker is assigned to you. This person will guide you through the following steps. Only eligible families will get furniture such as beds and mattresses.

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Free Beds by Love INC

Love INC will collaborate with local companies to find out the families with low income. These families can submit their applications to Love INC and coordinate with community members to get the furniture.

Along with furniture, the organization will also distribute food and transportation services.


The organization will work on a first-come, first-serve basis where the applicant who submits the application form early will get the furniture. The recipient is responsible for taking the furniture set to their location. No delivery service is offered.

Only some households are provided with as many mattresses as they want. A limit is put, and there are strict timings during which this organization works. You can follow this organization on social media to get the latest updates.

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Get Free beds from Cribs for Kids

The organization operates in New York and offers portable cribs to families. Interested people can contact the organization to learn their requirements and get the crib. They work from Monday to Friday.

Free Furniture from Samaritan House

The organization majorly offers appliances to low-income group families besides providing free beds. However, this solely depends on a case-to-case basis. People can request the furniture once every six months.

The furniture is given to them based on their eligibility. For this, they also need to submit the residence proof or ID.

City-Specific Programs for Free Beds and Mattresses

The following are a few city-specific programs initiated to distribute free beds and mattresses:

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Furniture Bank offers essential furniture like beds to low-income families without charging anything from them.

The Hope of the Valley rescue mission offers critical services to homeless and needy people by distributing furniture.

New York

The Furniture Bank in New York city distributes free furniture to low-income people in different areas in this city. They tie up with local agencies to determine their needs and accordingly distribute the furniture.

Bowery Mission is another organization in New York City that distributes free beds and transport to needy people and people in financial trouble.

San Francisco

The Furniture Bank in this city offers furniture such as beds to people with low income.

In the same way, the Furniture Bank in Huston distributes beds and furniture to families. These families cannot afford a bed and have a sound sleep.


The Chicago Furniture Bank will distribute furniture like beds to families and people who are homeless.

The Catholic Charities of Chicago will donate furniture to low-income group families.


  1. How can I find the local authorities or non-profit organizations that offer free beds and furniture?

Local charities, non-profit organizations, and other groups offer low-cost or free furniture like beds and mattresses. You can contact the local authorities to find out which organizations are distributing free furniture in your locality.

  1. What are furniture banks?

The furniture banks are non-profit groups that collect furniture from people and donate it to needy ones. You can find the local furniture bank by visiting the Furniture Bank Association website.

  1. Are there any organizations donating child beds?

Yes, some organizations exclusively donate children’s furniture to low-income families. The best-being Sleep in heavenly peace. They deliver bunk beds.


You can donate furniture so that people in need can sleep in cozy beds and mattresses. The needy and low-income families can use that money instead of buying new furniture to buy some essential items.

We have listed out the organizations distributing free beds and furniture. If you cannot afford to buy one, apply to them and get the beds home for free or at a low cost.

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