Grants To Buy A Car

In today’s competitive world, a vehicle is becoming quite a necessity. The most basic of cars can cost you about 30000 USD to 50000 USD; for many of us, this is the totality of our life savings, and for others, it is just impossible.

Thankfully, there are some legit and helpful sources from where you can get grants on your car purchase; this is specially designed for those who need trucks and vehicles for regular transportation in the countryside or for expanding their small business.

Grants To Buy A Car

Grants To Buy A Car

Yes, individuals and small-scale businesses can get concessions on their car purchases and can even win free cars through the grants and giveaway systems regularly organized by the government as well as private organizations.

The difference between a loan and a grant is that you are not required to pay this money back to the institution that rewards you with it.

Not only can you get grant money from nonprofits and the federal or state authorities but also private foundations, car dealers or companies organizing marketing campaigns, individuals who want to give away their old vehicles, and automobile repair businesses who are willing to give you an old car that nobody has claimed.

At the same time, users should remember that old vehicles from shady sources can cost a lot in terms of repair and mileage. Also, beware of car scams that promise free cars but end up stealing all your money in the name of insurance!

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Ways To Get A Car Grant

This is not a fake call; individuals can indeed get a car without spending a lot of money with the help of discounts, grants, and contests that keep happening throughout the year. 

Apply For Free Car

Some charity and non-profit institutions that give cars away at negligible cost on a need-basis are Cars4Heroes, Cars4Christmas, 1-800-Charity Cars, Working Cars For Working Families, Good News Garage, etc.

All you need to do to apply for a car with these non profits is fill up an application online or visit their local representative.

Individuals with sick or disabled parents and children, those who are studying away from home, individuals with sudden or terminal medical conditions, etc, are placed first, but most of these charities make it a point to give cars to all applicants sooner or later. Most local charities will give away

Get Donations Online/Offline

This is a non-conventional method of getting assistance on your automobile purchase. There are several online charity forums where you can talk about your situation and get small amounts of donations from strangers willing to help.

When a number of strangers donate small amounts, this becomes a large sum of money that you can add to your car funds!

You can also ask your friends and family to share your donation plea on social media so that it reaches a large number of people. Many business organizations are also willing to donate a large sum of money to individuals as this can lead to tax reduction, publicity, etc.

Offline donations can be raised at the local church, Sheriff’s office, etc, and this is great if you have a positive community willing to help you out in times of need.

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Federal And State Grants

The government does not organize direct car grants, but there are definitely some programs that you can benefit from. These programs are designed for individuals below the poverty income guidelines.

If you are a student or a veteran, you have a higher chances of getting this grant. Check out the State Government website for such grants, and contact your social welfare worker for the same. 

Willing applicants will be required to provide proof of their income as well as their driver’s license number in order to get money to purchase a car. Applicants are also expected to give a reason that makes it clear why they desperately need a vehicle at this point in life. 

Participate In Giveaway Quizzes

Giveaways are a common activity that is organized online and offline almost every day. They are typically established by big companies launching a new marketing campaign, a car dealership that has just opened, festive events and carnivals, social media influencers, etc.

Many of these require you to answer simple questions based on general knowledge or even test out a product or share something from your personal life. Many of these programs are fake, but some are genuinely out there to help individuals win big.

Online giveaways require you to follow their account, engage with their content, tag other friends and family, etc.

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Free Welfare Car Voucher

The government has recently introduced the Welfare Car Voucher Program for those individuals and families who are below the poverty income guidelines, receive government assistance, and might have a disability.

The car vouchers are specially reserved for students, single mothers, terminally ill patients, senior citizens, and similar minority groups. The guidelines differ from state to state and even if you do not fall among these communities, you can still apply for a car voucher.

These programs, however, do require that nobody in your family owns a car as of now. Only one basic car/truck model is granted to one household. For example, the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program by the California State authorities is designed to help lower-income groups make sustainable life choices while improving their standard of professional and personal living.


Most methods listed above do not offer a free car, and some of them are totally dependent on blind luck. If you are a small business owner who needs a car, you can make the process easier by forming a foolproof financial strategy and taking money out of your corporate accounts.

On the other hand, if you are a regular student or individual with a family, do not hesitate to state your requirements to a nonprofit organization or even the internet so that strangers can fund your immediate needs and help make life better for those closest to you. 

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