Free Government Grants For Dental Implants

Dental treatment is a cosmetic treatment that burns holes in the pocket. However, not all medical insurance will cover dental treatment. People who cannot afford to go for this treatment will silently suffer from tooth pain. Many non-governmental and nonprofit groups are offering dental implant grants.

Some government dental implant grants relieve the dental woes faced by low-income families. Through this grant, the person can quickly pay the medical expenses for the treatment.

Read this article to learn about those organizations that are reviving back the smiles on the faces of poor and distressed people.

dental implant grants

Government Grants for Dental Implants Near Me

Carrying out dental research is costly. Therefore, these research institutes will receive funding from government grants, private foundations, and international companies. NIDCR offers enough funding to do dental research.

The government provides grants to people who need dental treatment. Using these grants for dental implants, they can get first-time and recurring dental treatments done.

The following are the government bodies that offer free dental implants:

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Medicaid offers dental care to low-income families. They provide medical help for people who need it and will pay for dental surgeries and other organ surgeries. The services are available in even small towns in the US.

It is important to note that Medicaid will not cover all the medical expenses related to your dental care. It can help to resolve some of your dental concerns

For instance, if you are going through implant surgery, then Medicaid will cover only some of the expenses while you should take care of others. However, it could sound better than other organizations offering dental implant subsidies.

However, it gives a lot of relief for you. You can also talk to a certified dental practitioner. They can help you with the best dental implant government grants offered.

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Dental Preventive Clinical Support Program

Another best way to get government funds is through the Dental Prevent Clinical Support Program. It helps you to replace the missing teeth freely.

It is a program that the Indian Health Service sponsors along with the Department of Health and Human Services. It mainly offers this help to people who are experiencing financial crises.

The program gives incentives to the government for implants. The incentives can be applied online. The funding program is quite helpful for all.

Healthier Smiles Grant Program

The Wrigley Company Foundation Healthier Smiles Grant program will offer enough funds for dental implants to people who need them and lack funds. This program is provided to people in the US across different states.

This program offers a grant of around $2500 to $5000. However, the amount is sanctioned to people based on various factors such as eligibility, financial situation, and case severity.

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The ADA Foundation

The American Dental Association (ADA) is a nonprofit organization that offers services and works to improve people’s lives. It provides dental implant grants to people. It works with eight different organizations to help people who need dental implants and belong to low-income groups.

The ADA will distribute funds to these organizations to help people with dental implants. Around $12000 is distributed as a grant every year to these eight organizations. There are around 2500 people who benefit from this program.

Everyone eligible can apply for dental grants. Some plans and programs cover different services. You can talk to these people for more information.

The grants offered would range from $5000 to $25000. The amount sanctioned will be based on the case severity and financial situation of the person asking for help.

DentaQuest Community Response Fund

The DentaQuest community response fund is offered to low-income families. It works towards improving the lives of people living below the poverty line. They will serve these people through the grants received from the government.

It is a national initiative like other dental implant programs.

Anyone eligible can have access to the benefits offered by this organization. The grant amount is not given but would be based on your eligibility criteria. The procedure to apply for the grant is straightforward. You have to complete the application online and submit it.

The Academy of General Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry is a nonprofit organization that will work to improve dental health. It works towards this objective by offering cosmetic dental implant grants.

In addition to dental implant grants, it gives people cosmetic grants.

The nonprofit organization also provides financial assistance to patients with dental problems to undergo the surgery and bring back their smiles.

The organization will offer grants or resources based on the case severity. This organization has provided many grants to people in need in the past.

Overall, $216109 grants were offered. It works with other organizations providing many other dental services like dentures, dental caps, surgeries, etc. The organization operates in the US and has offices across Canada.

Veterans Dental Care Grants

The Dental Lifeline network is ideal for veterans who want grants for dental implants to get their dental treatments done.

The company would offer dental implants for free. It is only provided to veterans, specially-abled, aged, and medically ill patients. It gets grants from different foundations like the ADA. This organization will distribute grants through the Dental Lifeline network only for veterans who need dental care.

The Patterson Foundation

It is a nonprofit organization offering grants to patients needing dental care. It only provides funds for people who cannot afford dental treatments and suffer from dental problems badly.

The foundation takes applications from eligible people. It is a two-step process; regardless of age, every individual is eligible to apply for this grant.

They hire volunteers to monitor the application process. The members of this foundation would meet every six months to pick the eligible applicants from the list of applications received.

After the applicants are selected, it is the responsibility of the volunteers to contact them and interview their cases to learn about each case. All the applicants will get to answer a few questions, such as the severity level of dental issues.

Based on the answers they receive, they will be promoted to the next step. The grant will be given immediately if your case is genuine and needs doctors’ immediate assistance.

The money is sent to applicants within 30 days from the day on which the application is accepted.


Dental surgeries and implants come into cosmetics. Many state-funded programs and nonprofit organizations offer grants for dental implants to eligible people to get the dental implants done for free. Few are funding partial amounts.

If you are looking for a dental care grant, you have to start hunting for the best foundation offering the grants in your locality. They can help you get access to these grants.

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